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  1. Dr Morris Chafetz and the Destigmatization of Alcoholism
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  4. Alcoholism Stories And Questions
  5. Free E-report: AA Cracked

Dr Morris Chafetz and the Destigmatization of Alcoholism

Dr. Morris E. Chafetz died on October 14th. The name may not mean much to you, unless that is, you know something of the story of alcoholism treatment in the U.S.A.

As a young psychiatrist in the 1950s, Dr. Chafetz was the only person who could be persuaded to take on the running of a new alcoholism treatment center in Massachusetts. Not that he really wanted the job; “I did not think much of alcoholic people, I did not like them; I just was not the least bit interested in them”, he told Alcohol Health and Research World Journal in 1995.

His attitude, however, soon changed and as he said in the same interview to Alcohol Health and Research World, “It only took me a few months of listening to these patients to recognize my prejudices and the prejudices of others,” he said. “I realized that this issue reflected every social health policy problem being faced by the country.”

And so started a 50 year journey to bring the truth about alcohol dependence and those afflicted by it, to society at large. As the first director of the NIAAA ( National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism) from 1971-1975, Chafetz set out to destigmatize alcohol-related disorders and was, to a large degree, successful.

He regarded alcoholism to be a complex condition caused by a variety of factors including psychological, genetic and environmental. As he was always at pains to point out, weakness of character had nothing to do with alcohol addiction

Despite his constant exposure to the damage that alcohol could cause, he was not anti-alcohol. In fact he even went so far as to suggest that children should be offered watered down sherry in order for them to develop healthy attitudes toward alcohol. He once said, “Alcohol is here to stay, and people must learn to develop a healthy attitude toward it.” Abstinence was not his goal, rather moderate drinking.

Although many have taken issue with Dr. Chafetz’s adherence to the disease concept of alcohol dependence, there is no doubt that he brought alcoholism out of the dark shadows it had long been consigned to. This enabled those suffering from it to seek help without being labeled weak and immoral, and for that we owe him our thanks.

New Resources

I've added a couple of new resources this month:

1. Alcoholism Medication
On The Alcoholism Guide we advocate the use of medications such as naltrexone (the Sinclair Method), baclofen, disulfiram, and acamprosate. Obviously the best way to get these medications is with a prescription from your doctor. However, sometimes this is not possible or ideal. River Pharmacy is the only online pharmacy we recommend, as they offer a wide range of medications used to treat alcohol dependence at competitive prices and fast delivery. On top of this they offer specific advice about each medication.

Yes, we get a commission from them, but we would also get one from every other pharmacy out there (and a much better commission too). We only recommend resources that we, or someone we know, use and are more than happy with.

2. Cure For Alcoholism Webinar
The Sinclair Method is without doubt one of the most exciting developments in alcohol dependency treatment. Information, however, is relatively difficult to come by. The Cure For Alcoholism Webinar has been created to fill that gap. A 55 minute multimedia presentation, it explains the method in clear and simple language. At last, an alternative to AA and the 12 steps; one that works for 78% of alcohol dependents.

Other Resources

-How To Give Up Alcohol
This book is for those who want to either give up drinking altogether or cut down on their alcohol consumption. It starts by assessing your drinking problem and then helps you devise an action plan depending on your goal. It is full of charts and worksheets that give you the structure and motivation to quit or moderate your drinking. Included in the price are daily e-mails from the author (Rahul Nag) giving you support, encouragement and advice as you embark on your new life. Although on the pricey side, there is a 60 day no-quibble money back guarantee. Nothing to lose.

-Help Me! I'm In Love With An Addict
This book, obviously, is directed at those living with and/or loving an alcoholic. C-P Lehman has written a comprehensive guide to loving an addict that can help spouses and partners of alcoholics assess their lives and break the behavioral patterns that for so long have tied them to the woes and problems of their loved ones. A fantastic resource

And finally......
  • Alcoholism Stories. Share your experiences of alcoholism with our readers (anonymity guaranteed). If you are alcohol dependent, in recovery, live with an alcoholic then maybe your insights will help another come to terms with their situation
  • Alcoholism questions is a new feature at The Alcoholism Guide where YOU can ask your question about any aspect of alcoholism. Your question, and the accompanying answer will then become a page on the website.

I have also written an E-report called AA CRACKED which I have made available on the site. This report is an attempt to debunk the myths about Alcoholics Anonymous that contribute to it being regarded as the only viable alcoholism treatment option.

Here is the download link, please take a look at it, and if you have any comments please contact me. Also, if you think it may be of interest to anyone you know, pass it on. It is free to be used/distributed by anyone as long as its original form is kept.

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Deborah Morrow, M.S. Addiction Psychology, is the director of treatment programs for The Alcoholism Guide website. In her practice Deborah provides on-line coaching and support for those dependent on alcohol or who require other services such as relapse prevention or court mandated services. (Read More)

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