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This month we are taking a look at binge drinking, a term that confuses many. In layman's terms binge drinking is when a person consumes alcohol in order to get drunk. Following this definition then, most of us have at one stage or another engaged in binge drinking. This is not a problem in itself, bar a headache and a feeling that a medieval battle has taken place in our mouth, we recover to see another day (though alcohol poisoning is a definite risk factor).

Binge drinking becomes a health/lifestyle issue when it becomes habitual i.e. a common occurrence in an individual's life. It can affect a person's health (both physical and mental), relationships, work and finances. It can also be a precursor to alcohol dependence.

A more scientific view is that someone is engaging in binge drinking (a definition which was created by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)), states that binge drinking when their drinking leads to a BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) count of 0.08% or higher.

I've added quite a few pages this month on binge drinking, scroll down and you'll find a short description of each and a link to the relevant page on The Alcoholism Guide Website.

  • What Is Binge Drinking?. An in-depth look at the current definitions applied to the term 'binge drinking'. We all know that a binge drinker is someone who gets drunk, but what does this actually mean?
  • Binge Drinking Facts.Want to know more about binge drinking and the types of people who engage in it? Then read our fact page, which will give you a basic overview, having read this, you can then explore the issue in more depth.
  • Reasons For Binge Drinking. Why do people binge drink? Not an easy question to answer. Their reasons are as varied as their personalities. However, there are certain reasons common to many who binge drink.
  • Teenage Binge Drinking. Mention a binge drinker and most will conjure up the image of a surly teen with a bottle to their lips . Unfortunately there is an element of truth to this stereotype of the binge drinker. Click on the link above for more...
  • Alcoholism vs.Binge Drinking. Both binge drinking and alcoholism are examples of alcohol abuse, however, alcoholism is the long term abuse of alcohol, while binge drinking is the abuse of alcohol over a relatively shorter period of time, usually an evening. Click on the link above for more on the distinction
  • Alcoholism/Binge Drinking And Teenagers. Although binge drinking is bad enough, it is far worse (and, thankfully rare) if a teen becomes dependent on alcohol. If you are an adolescent and suspect you might be alcohol dependent, then take this simple Alcoholic vs.Binge Drinker Test.
  • AAdult Alcoholism Test.If you are an adult and believe that you may be alcohol dependent, then take one of our alcoholism tests. They can give you a relatively accurate assessment of your drinking problem. remember, however, they are no substitute for a physician's opinion.
  • And finally......

  • Alcoholism Stories. Share your experiences of alcoholism with our readers (anonymity guaranteed). If you are alcohol dependent, in recovery, live with an alcoholic then maybe your insights will help another come to terms with their situation
  • Alcoholism questions is a new feature at The Alcoholism Guide where YOU can ask your question about any aspect of alcoholism. Your question, and the accompanying answer will then become a page on the website.

I have also written an E-report called AA CRACKED which I have made available on the site. This report is an attempt to debunk the myths about Alcoholics Anonymous that contribute to it being regarded as the only viable alcoholism treatment option.

Here is the download link , please take a look at it, and if you have any comments please contact me. Also, if you think it may be of interest to anyone you know, pass it on. It is free to be used/distributed by anyone as long as its original form is kept.

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