Welcome to the Fifth issue of The Alcoholism Guide newsletter.

I've added quite a few pages this month, scroll down and you'll find a short description of each and a link to the relevant page on The Alcoholism Guide

I have also written an E-report called AA CRACKED which I have made available on the site. This report is an attempt to debunk the myths about Alcoholics Anonymous that contribute to it being regarded as the only viable alcoholism treatment option.

Here is the download link , please take a look at it, and if you have any comments please contact me. Also, if you think it may be of interest to anyone you know, pass it on. It is free to be used/distributed by anyone as long as its original form is kept.

So here are those new pages I have added.....

  • Teen Alcoholism. Teenage alcoholism and teenage alcohol abuse are not the same thing. Teenage alcohol abuse, though, can lead to alcoholism (in a minority of cases). The main difference between the two is that alcoholism is a physical dependence on alcohol, that is the alcoholic suffers from withdrawal if he or she is denied alcohol.

    Read Teen Alcoholism to learn more about the causes, effects and treatment options for teen alcoholism.

  • Effects Of Teenage Alcohol Abuse.Although drinking may seem fun to many teenagers, its effects on them and their lives can be devastating. The health problems caused by alcohol abuse are well-documented, but it is the social and psychological consequences that impact on the young first.

    Read The Effects Of Teenage Alcohol Abuse to learn more about the consequences of teen alcohol abuse.

  • Preventing Alcohol Abuse In Teens. There is a belief among many that it is inevitable that teens will abuse alcohol and that there is little parents, or adults for that matter, can do about it. Although there is an element of truth in this, there are a number of strategies a parent can adopt to reduce the likelihood of their child abusing alcohol.

    Read Preventing Alcohol Abuse In Teens to get strategies and advice on bringing up children who don't want to abuse alcohol.

  • Teenage Alcoholism Test. The NIAAA has devised a self-diagnostic test that can calculate whether a teenager is 'merely' experimenting with alcohol, has a drinking problem or is suffering from full-blown alcohol dependency.
  • Homeopathic Remedies For Alcohol Withdrawal. Conventional medicine treats alcohol withdrawals with sedatives, most commonly diazepam. Sedatives come with their own dangers, particularly if they are mixed with alcohol

    There is, however, a more gentle approach to treating the symptoms associated with alcohol detox. Homeopathy is increasingly being seen as an alternative way to treat alcohol dependency. But does it work? Read Homeopathic Remedies For Alcohol Withdrawal to learn more.

  • And finally......

  • Alcoholism questions is a new feature at The Alcoholism Guide where YOU can ask your question about any aspect of alcoholism. Your question, and the accompanying answer will then become a page on the website.

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