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AA Chat Rooms
AA Chat is ideal for those who find it hard to get to formal AA meetings or wish to share their issues with like-minded people.

Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA for short, is an organization dedicated to helping people quit drinking using their own unique set of methods and teachings.

There are many AA groups spread throughout the world, all arranging regular meetings. These meetings are designed to bring together those who wish to stop drinking alcohol. These meetings give individuals the chance to share with and listen to those who are suffering from the same affliction.

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An Alternative or Addition to AA Meetings

AA Chat Room

There are, of course, those who cannot get to meetings for whatever reason. As such, an alternative way for many alcoholics to get together to talk about their problems is through free AA chat rooms.

AA free chat rooms are also a good resource for those wishing to 'sample' AA before actually going to a meeting. 

Going to an AA meeting can be intimidating, so AA chat rooms are an ideal environment to test the waters.

The best thing about the chat rooms of AA is the fact that you get to select your own on-screen handle, or nickname. This enables you to remain largely anonymous to the people you interact with unless you decide to reveal your identity. 

Alcoholics will hence be able to more comfortably talk about their issues and experiences with this addiction.

A World of Choice

There area large number of chat rooms floating around the internet and it does not take much searching to find a list of them.

It is highly recommended for you to try out a free AA chat room to see if you are comfortable with the whole experience.

Some of these require you to download special software but many are simple to use and browser-based.

Try to maintain a proper social etiquette and good manners just as you would in an actual, face-to-face meeting. Do not act out of character and spew insults just because you can hide your true identity.

This is important for you to get to know others better and enjoy the interaction which can be of great benefit to all those taking part.

Lingo and Acronyms

In addition, if you have never tried chatting online before, it would be useful to accustom yourself with a list of acronyms and lingo commonly used in chat rooms. 

With the plethora of acronyms used on the Internet these days, this might sound like a daunting task to a new user. 

To make matters worse, certain AA chat rooms also have their own unique lingo which you will only learn after spending some time there. However, bear in mind that you do not need to remember everything. 

Just getting to know the popular ones will enable you to chat comfortably through any online or text-based media. 

Read AA online meeting and chat room acronyms for a full list of popular AA acronyms.

Taking it Seriously

It is also important for you to remember that AA chat rooms were initially created to replace actual, formal meetings for those unable to attend. Hence, do try to take things seriously when you join the room.

AA chat

As every chat room is made up of different individuals and people tend to stick to their few preferred rooms, try to seek one that allows you to comfortably fit in. 

If a particular free Alcoholic Anonymous chat room seems hostile and makes you feel unwelcome, do remember that you always have the choice of moving on to the next one

Only by feeling relaxed among a group of people you can relate to can you truly maximize the power of an online AA chat room.

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Free Expert Advice Available Now

  • Speak with an addiction specialist 24/7
  • Confidentially guaranteed
  • Discuss your treatment options


Finding an Alcoholic Anonymous Chat Room

It isn't difficult to locate AA chat on the net. 

The following URLs will provide you with a substantial list of AA chat rooms for you to try out until you find one that is to your liking. 

Who knows, you might not just be helped with your drinking problems but end up making more than a few good friends along the way.

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