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Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12-step method have a virtual monopoly on alcoholism treatment and recovery. Their way is trumpeted by a majority of physicians/doctors and addiction specialists. Popular culture is awash with AA speak and philosophy.

Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY, is of the belief that Alcoholics Anonymous meetings work and that theirs is the only viable solution out there.

I can't argue that AA is effective.....for a very small minority.

Only 3% of those who attend AA meetings remain sober after 5 years. So, yes, it is effective for a very small minority, but no more effective, statistically at least, than attempting to quit alcohol indpendent of any outside help.

In short, AA doesn't actually work for the great majority of alcoholics. In other words IT IS A MYTH THAT ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS WORKS.

This is not the only myth doing the rounds about AA. There are others that help AA maintain its position as the number one treatment option for alcoholism, and 'relegates' any other alcoholism treament as 'alternative.

Our free e-report uncovers 5 myths about AA that are just that, myths.

  • AA Works
  • AA Is Not A Cult
  • AA Is Open To All
  • AA Is Without Hierachy
  • AA Is The Only Viable Alcoholism Treatment Option

So before you, or someone you care about, attends AA or another 12-step meeting read AA-CRACKED. And then, if you're still happy to attend Alcoholics Anonymous then at least you can safe in the knowledge that you know what you're getting into.

AA-CRACKED doesn't just criticize, it criticizes constructively. Not only will you learn about the myths circulating about AA, but you will also find concrete alternatives to the 12-steps.

Such alternatives include:

  • Secular Support Groups
  • Gender-specific support groups
  • Various medications touted as cures for alcoholism
  • Holistic alcoholism treatments that can assist in recovery from alcoholism
  • Non-12 step treatment centers/alcoholic rehabs

So, if you want to learn the truth behind AA and discover viable alternatives to the 12 step method then fill in the form below and download AA-CRACKED.

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