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AA Meetings Online
Although similar to their offline counterparts, AA online can be confusing for the newbie.

A quick Google search for “AA meetings online” will reveal a wealth of sites that can help you locate AA online meetings.

You could also ask at your local live meeting to see if your local group has anything on the web.

Looking for and finding an Alcoholics Anonymous online meeting is easy, and you will have no problem finding one.

If anything, you will find so many that you might not be sure which one will be right for you.

However, what might baffle you are the differing styles of the individual meetings and the acronyms and AA Slogans they use.

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Alcoholics Anonymous Online
How Does it Work?

AA online meetings often work similarly to those alcoholic anonymous meetings in your local community – just the means of communicating are different. (For a discussion on Online vs.Offline AA meetings, read The Pros and Cons of AA Online Meetings)

aa meetings online There are a number of different ways to enable a real time group meeting today with all the various chat platforms and even conferencing rooms online.

There are AA meetings online using flash chat rooms, IRC chat clients, Hot Conference rooms and more.

It will all depend on your preference for which style of chat you are most comfortable with.

Text, Audio or Video?

Flash chat room and IRC chat clients operate in a similar manner.

AA Chat is all text-based. You can read what everyone is typing into the chat and respond by typing into your chat box.

Groups using Hot Conference or other platforms can utilize video camera and audio to have a more realistic, face-to-face interaction with each other.

Most of these platforms also allow for text chat for those who either don't have a video camera or don't wish to appear on video.

Style of AA Online Meetings

Some of the AA meetings online are much more relaxed than the offline meetings.

Rather than an organized format, the members can simply chat with each other and one thing leads to another.

This is fine for some people but others may find it difficult to follow because there are always several chat conversations going on at once.

Since this is happening all on one screen, it can be very confusing, particularly if you're not used to this type of chat room environment.

Style of AA Online Meetings

Other online AA meetings stick to the same protocols and organization as their offline counterparts.

This is especially the case with the video and audio chats as it's easy to keep to meeting guidelines in this format and it would be chaos if everyone was on video and talking at the same time.

The best thing to do is try out several meetings in different formats until you find the format that you can be comfortable with.

AA meetings online are a great way to get extra support at almost any time around the clock as well as to fit in extra meetings when you find you need them.

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Free Expert Advice Available Now

  • Speak with an addiction specialist 24/7
  • Confidentially guaranteed
  • Discuss your treatment options


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