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Written by the The Alcoholism Guide Team. November 2020. offers our partners opportunities to advertise with us and promote their content on our site. All paid promotions are distinctly separated from our site’s informational and educational content. Furthermore, all paid ads and promotional content are carefully reviewed and vetted by the in-house team.

Paid promotions are a different revenue stream from any informative content and content provided to from our contributors. Sponsors and advertisers do not affect editorial decisions or informational content presented on our site. Sponsors and advertisers have no prior knowledge of’s informative content, nor does amend or edit content to be congruent with paid advertisements. Likewise, sponsors and advertisers have no influence or control over the outcomes of studies and researches conducted by the team.

All paid advertisements clearly identify the advertiser by their signature or trademark. Nonetheless, please be advised that the appearance of an advertisement is not an endorsement or a guarantee on behalf of

Some ads could be personalized; they are shown to you based on data collected about your online activities, such as visits to our site and elsewhere over time. Nevertheless, the information provided by sponsors and advertisers is different from the content provided to you by Please be advised that if you access using a different internet browser or erase cookies from your browser, you might need to renew your opt-out selection.

To avoid any potential conflicts of interest, we make sure not to accept promotions advertising services or products that contradict our ethics and missions.  Examples of these ads include the promotion of sexual services, nudity, weapons, dating, gambling, drugs, medications, addiction treatment facilities that are known to have been convicted of (or still under investigation), fraud, and any other service or product which we deem to conflict with our goals and vision. If you have any questions or need to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.