Alcohol Calorie Chart – Calories in Bacardi and Coke:

Alcohol Calorie Chart - Calories in Bacardi and Coke:

A Comprehensive Alcohol Calorie Chart Counter
Which Is The Lowest Calorie Alcohol?

Alcohol Calorie Chart – If you’re craving for a glass of classic Rum and Coke, but worried about the calories in Bacardi and coke, you should go for the alcohol with the lowest calorie content. Before we start….if you have arrived at this page looking for an in-depth look at how alcohol calories affect your body and its metabolism, then please read Calories in Alcohol explained.

If, however, you would like to learn about the calorific content of your drink or want to find out the lowest calorie alcohol then please consult our alcohol calorie chart. These charts have been updated to include popular drinks.

Keep in mind, however, that regardless of the calorific content of a drink, it is important to stay within moderate drinking guidelines, if you don’t wish to develop drinking problems.

As per the World Cancer Research Fund, alcoholic beverages makes up almost 10% of total calorie intake among alcohol drinkers.

Alcoholic drinks, just like a lot of other beverages, has calories that could add up pretty quickly. The adult population takes in nearly 100 calories daily on average from alcoholic drinks. Downing a couple of drinks, on the other hand, could add up to 500 calories, or even more, to your intake. Thus, the calories in the alcohol you drink could play a considerable role in weight management. Moreover, when you drink alcohol, whatever you just ate gets stored as fat deposits.

Many alcoholic drinks have minimal to no nutritional value. Thus, if you’re trying to maintain a healthy weight, you would want to watch the number of alcoholic beverages you drink. Cocktails mixed with juice, cream, soda, or ice cream could have particularly high calorie amounts. If you think that you are having difficulty cutting back on your alcohol consumption, talk with your physician or health care provider.

“If you’re unsure whether alcohol may be a problem, speak with one of our supportive counselors. With many having first-hand experience they understand the struggle. The free chat is confidential & they are available 24/7.”

What are the Benefits to Low Calorie Drinks?

Before we get into what drinks have lower calories, let’s take a minute to talk about what the benefits are to choosing a drink with lower calories.

One factor would be that calories coming from alcohol has little, if any, nutritional benefit. You may be able to argue a slight benefit depending on what a drink is made with (for example, fruit juice), however most drinks provide no substantial benefit to our health.

As a result, calories from alcoholic drinks are commonly referred to as “empty calories”. If we consume more calories than we burn in a day, then we would store the calories which can lead to weight gain.

So the benefit of lower calorie drinks is that you are avoiding some of the unnecessary calories in drinks. Many liquors can be mixed with soda’s, however choosing a mixer like seltzer, or soda water, would be a lower calorie choice as they have zero calories.Please consult our alcohol calorie chart.

Low calorie drinks does not correlate with a lower percentage of alcohol. This is important to remember, as some may not be aware. Another factor that contributes to having a lower calorie drink would be the serving size of the drink. The standard drink sizes may vary from what we can pour ourselves at home.


Drinks 100 Calories or Less

Obviously, some alcoholic beverages are more weight-friendly than others. Many individuals consider the amount of calories in their drinks when choosing beverages. The reasons can be different for each person. The following alcohol calorie chart includes mixed drinks that are 100 calories or less. Please keep in mind the serving size listed for each drink, as this may vary from drink to drink.

As shown below, rum mixed with diet coke has the lowest amount of calories for a single mixed drink. If a person was to have a drink such as rum neat or rum on the rocks, then the amount of calories would be lower than if it was mixed with soda. This is followed closely by the calories in vodka and diet coke. Dark rum and tequila drinks having a higher caloric count when compared to other drink options.

It’s too easy to overdo it with alcoholic calories. While drinks mixed with diet sodas have a lower calorie count, there are other ingredients in the soda that can decreases its health benefits.Consult our alcohol calorie chart.

Lowest Calorie Liquor Chart

Drink Serving Size Calories
Vodka and Seltzer 12 ounce 65 Calories
Champagne 125 ml 86 Calories
Red Wine 175 ml 100 Calories
Scotch on the rocks 35 ml 80 Calories
Gin & Tonic Single (25 ml) 93 Calories
Vodka and Diet Soda Single (25 ml) 54 Calories
Rum and Diet Soda Single (25 ml) 52 Calories
Dark Rum Single (25 ml) 96 Calories
Tequila Single (25 ml) 97 Calories
Whiskey & Lemonade Single (25 ml) 82 Calories
Jack Daniels and Diet Coke Single (25 ml) 58 Calories
Southern Comfort and Lemonade Single (25ml) 84 Calories
Southern Comfort and Diet Lemonade Single (25ml) 60 Calories
Martini Rosso Single (50 ml) 70 Calories
Lambrini Bianco M/ Dry 150 ml bottle 82 Calories
Lambrini Bianco M/Dry 175 ml glass 96 Calories
Martini Bianco Single (50 ml) 73 Calories
Martini Extra Dry Single (50 ml) 48 Calories
Martini Extra Dry Double (100 ml) 95 Calories
Vermouth, Dry Single (50 ml) 54 Calories
Vermouth, Sweet Single (50 ml) 76 Calories

Beer’s That Are 100 Calories or Less

Similar to the section above, please be aware of the serving size being referenced with each calorie count.

The lowest calorie beer shown on the chart below would be Budweiser Select 55 with 55 calories per 12 oz serving. Many low-calorie beers will fall between the 80-100 calorie range.

As individuals are becoming more mindful of the calories in their drinks, beer companies are competing with each other to develop lower calorie drink options.

This can be seen as a positive for individuals who are interested in lower calorie options. As time goes on, one can bet that there will be several new drink options that can be added to the chart. Please consult our alcohol calorie chart.


Drink Serving Size Calories
Amstel Bier Lager ½ Pint 71 Calories
Amstel Light 12 oz bottle 92 Calories
Banks Bitter 1 Pint 85 Calories
Beck’s Premier Light 12 oz bottle 64 Calories
Best/Premium Bitter ½ Pint 99 Calories
Boddingtons Draught Bitter ½ Pint 94 Calories
Bud Ice ½ Pint 82 Calories
Budweiser Select 55 12 oz bottle 55 Calories
Busch Light 12 oz can 95 Calories
Carling ½ Pint 96 Calories
Carling Rock ½ Pint 94 Calories
Carlsberg Lager ½ Pint 91 Calories
Corona Light 12 oz bottle 100 Calories
Corona Premier 12 oz bottle 90 Calories
Fosters ½ Pint 97 Calories
Genesse Light 12 oz can 100 Calories
John Smiths Bitter ½ Pint 74 Calories
Laguintas Day Time IPA 12 oz can 98 Calories
Low Alcohol Bitter ½ Pint 37 Calories
Low Alcohol Bitter Pint Pint 74 Calories
Low Alcohol Lager ½ Pint 45 Calories
Low Alcohol Lager Pint 91 Calories
Michelob ULTRA 12 oz bottle 95 Calories
Michelob Ultra Amber 12 oz bottle 95 Calories
Michelob Ultra Pure Gold Organic Light Lager 12 oz bottle 85 Calories
Miller 64 12 oz bottle 64 Calories
Miller Light 12 oz can 96 Calories
Milwaukee’s Best Light 12 oz can 96 Calories
Natural Light 12 oz can 95 Calories
Premium Lager ½ Pint 82 Calories
Regular Lager ½ Pint 82 Calories
Regular Bitter ½ Pint 85 Calories
Saint Archer Gold Light Lager Beer 12 oz can 95 Calories
Sinner Ruby Redbird 12 oz bottle 95 Calories
Skol Lager ½ Pint 68 Calories
Slightly Mighty Lo-Cal IPA 12 oz can 95 Calories
Trophy Bitter ½ Pint 85 Calories
Whitebread Best Bitter ½ Pint 94 Calories

Hard Seltzers That Are 100 Calories or Less

Similar to the sections above, please be aware of the serving size being referenced with each calorie count.

The lowest calorie hard seltzer option would be Henry’s Hard Sparkling Water coming in with 88 Calories.


Drink Serving Size Calories
White Claw 355 ml 100 Calories
Bud Light Seltzer 355 ml 100 Calories
Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer 355 ml 90 Calories
Truly Hard Seltzer 355 ml 100 Calories
Corona Hard Seltzer 355 ml 90 Calories
Henry’s Hard Sparkling Water 355 ml 88 Calories


Find out how many calories are contained in the various alcoholic drinks (and their mixers) by scrolling down the page to view our alcohol calorie charts or by clicking on the following links:

Alcohol Calorie Chart


Drink Serving Size Calories (kCal)
Red Wine 175ml Glass 148
Red Wine 250ml Glass 211
Red Wine 1/2 Bottle (37.5cl) 317
Red Wine Bottle (75cl) 634
White Wine – Dry 175ml Glass 141
White Wine – Dry 250ml Glass 202
White Wine – Dry 1/2 Bottle (37.5cl) 303
White Wine – Dry Bottle (75cl) 606
White Wine – Medium 175ml Glass 138
White Wine – Medium 250ml Glass 197
White Wine – Sparkling 175ml Glass 127
White Wine – Sparkling 250ml Glass 181
Rose Wine 175ml Glass 121
Rose Wine 250ml Glass 173
Rose Wine 1/2 Bottle (37.5cl) 259
Rose Wine Bottle (75cl) 519
Champagne 175ml Glass 130
Champagne 250ml Glass 185
Champagne 1/2 Bottle (37.5cl) 278
Champagne Bottle (75cl) 556
Port 50ml Glass 79
Port Large Glass 158
White Wine Spritzer (lemonade) Reg Spritzer (175ml wine) 138
White Wine Spritzer (lemonade) Lge Spritzer (250ml wine) 193
White Wine Spritzer (soda) Reg Spritzer (175ml wine) 130
White Wine Spritzer (soda) Lge Spritzer (250ml wine) 186


Alcohol Calorie Chart


Drink Serving Size Calories (kCal)
Bombay Sapphire Gin Single (25ml) 59
Bombay Sapphire Gin Double (50ml) 118
Gin & Slimline Tonic Single 64
Gin & Slimline Tonic Double 125
Gin & Tonic Single 93
Gin & Tonic Double 154



Alcohol Calorie Chart


Drink Serving Size Calories (kCal)
Vodka & Coke Single (25ml) 115
Vodka & Coke Double (50ml) 168
Vodka & Diet Coke Single 54
Vodka & Diet Coke Double 108
Vodka, Lime & Soda Single 133
Vodka, Lime & Soda Double 266


Alcohol Calorie Chart


Drink Serving Size Calories (kCal)
Bacardi & Coke Single 156
Bacardi & Coke Double 312
Bacardi & Diet Coke Single 52
Bacardi & Diet Coke Double 104
Bacardi Dark Rum Single (25ml) 96
Bacardi Dark Rum Double (50ml) 192
Bacardi White Rum Single (25ml) 69
Bacardi White Rum Double (50ml) 138
Bacardi White Rum 100ml 276


Alcohol Calorie Chart


Drink Serving Size Calories (kCal)
Tequila Single 97
Tequila Double 194
Margarita on the Rocks 227ml 274
Margarita Blended 227ml 218
Tequila Sunrise 227ml 189


Alcohol Calorie Chart


Drink Serving Size Calories (kCal)
Alcohol-free Lager 1/2 Pint 20
Alcohol-free Lager Pint 40
Amstel Bier Lager 1/2 Pint 71
Amstel Bier Lager 330ml Bottle 83
Amstel Bier Lager Pint 142
Banks Bitter 1/2 Pint 148
Banks Bitter 500ml Bottle 294
Banks Bitter Pint 85
Becks Beer 1/2 Pint 150
Becks Bier 330ml Bottle 170
Becks Bier Pint 102
Best/Premium Bitter 1/2 Pint 99
Best/Premium Bitter Pint 204
Boddingtons Draught Bitter 1/2 Pint 94
Boddingtons Draught Bitter 440ml Can 188
Boddingtons Draught Bitter Pint 180
Bud Ice 1/2 Pint 82
Bud Ice 330ml Bottle 128
Bud Ice Pint 165
Bud Light 1/2 Pint 114
Bud Light 330ml Bottle 132
Bud Light Pint 227
Budweiser Budvar 1/2 Pint 114
Budweiser Budvar 330ml Bottle 132
Budweiser Budvar Pint 227
Budweiser Ice Bottle 1/2 Pint 114
Budweiser Ice Bottle 330ml Bottle 123
Budweiser Ice Bottle Pint 227
Carling 1/2 Pint 96
Carling 330ml Bottle 165
Carling Pint 189
Carling Premier 1/2 Pint 111
Carling Premier 440ml Can 172
Carling Premier Pint 222
Carling Rock 1/2 Pint 94
Carling Rock 330ml Bottle 109
Carling Rock Pint 187
Carlsberg Export 1/2 Pint 114
Carlsberg Export 500ml Bottle or Can 200
Carlsberg Export Pint 227
Carlsberg Lager 1/2 Pint 91
Carlsberg Lager Pint 182
Carlsberg Special Brew 1/2 Pint 196
Carlsberg Special Brew 500ml Bottle or Can 345
Carlsberg Special Brew Pint 392
Castlemaine XXXX 1/2 Pint 111
Castlemaine XXXX Pint 222
Corona 355ml Bottle or Can 150
Fosters 1/2 Pint 97
Fosters Pint 193
Fosters Export 1/2 Pint 105
Fosters Export 440ml Can 163
Fosters Export Pint 210
Fosters Ice 1/2 Pint 105
Fosters Ice 330ml Bottle 122
Fosters Ice Pint 210
Grolsch 1/2 Pint 122
Grolsch 500ml Bottle or Can 215
Grolsch Pint 244
Guinness Draught 1/2 Pint 105
Guinness Draught 440ml Can 185
Guinness Draught Pint 210
Heineken 1/2 Pint 113
Heineken 330ml Bottle 137
Heineken Pint 225
Heineken Export 1/2 Pint 128
Heineken Export 440ml Can 198
Heineken Export Pint 256
Holsten Export 1/2 Pint 111
Holsten Export 440ml Can 172
Holsten Export Pint 222
John Smiths Bitter 1/2 Pint 74
John Smiths Bitter 440ml Can 114
John Smiths Bitter Pint 148
Labatt Ice 1/2 Pint 114
Labatt Ice 330ml Bottle 132
Labatt Ice Pint 227
Labatts 1/2 Pint 114
Labatts 500ml Bottle or Can 200
Labatts Pint 227
Low Alcohol Bitter 1/2 Pint 37
Low Alcohol Bitter Pint 74
Low Alcohol Lager 1/2 Pint 45
Low Alcohol Lager Pint 91
Premium Lager 1/2 Pint 82
Premium Lager Pint 165
Regular Lager 1/2 Pint 82
Regular Lager Pint 165
Regular Bitter 1/2 Pint 85
Regular Bitter Pint 170
Samuel Adams Boston Lager 355ml Bottle or Can 180
Sierra Nevada 1/2 Pint 143
Sierra Nevada Pint 285
Skol Lager 1/2 Pint 68
Skol Lager 500ml Can 120
Skol Lager Pint 136
Staropramen 1/2 Pint 116
Staropramen Pint 233
Stella Artois 1/2 Pint 114
Stella Artois 440ml Can 176
Stella Artois Pint 227
Trophy Bitter 1/2 Pint 85
Trophy Bitter 440ml Can 132
Trophy Bitter Pint 170
Whitbread Best Bitter 1/2 Pint 94
Whitbread Best Bitter 440ml Can 145
Whitbread Best Bitter Pint 187


Alcohol Calorie Chart
Hard Seltzers


Drink Serving Size Calories (kCal)
White Claw 355ml 100
White Claw 470ml 140
White Claw 568ml 170
Bud Light Seltzer 355ml 100
Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer 355ml 90
Truly Hard Seltzer 355ml 100
Corona Hard Seltzer 355ml 90
Henry’s Hard Sparkling Water 355ml 88
Press Hard Seltzer 355ml 110


Alcohol Calorie Chart
Other Drinks


Drink Serving Size Calories (kCal)
Whisky & Lemonade Single 82
Whisky & Lemonade Single 137
Jack Daniels & Coke Single 119
Jack Daniels & Coke Double 178
Jack Daniels & Diet Coke Single 58
Jack Daniels & Diet Coke Double 116
Southern Comfort & Lemonade Single 84
Southern Comfort & Lemonade Double 137
Southern Comfort & Diet Lemonade Single 60
Southern Comfort & Diet Lemonade Double 117
Martini Rosso Single (50ml) 70
Martini Rosso Double (100ml) 140
Lambrini Bianco M/Dry 150ml Bottle 82
Lambrini Bianco M/Dry 175ml Glass 96
Lambrini Bianco M/Dry 250ml Glass 138
Martini Bianco Single (50ml) 73
Martini Bianco Double (100ml) 145
Martini Extra Dry Single (50ml) 48
Martini Extra Dry Double (100ml) 95
Vermouth, Dry Single (50ml) 54
Vermouth, Dry Double (100ml) 109
Vermouth, Sweet Single (50ml) 76
Vermouth, Sweet Double (100ml) 151


Let’s all admit it, sometimes there is nothing more comforting at the end of a long day than a well-deserved glass of wine. However, sipping over the limit could wreak havoc on your weight and your shape, and not only by adding calories to your diet.

This is because your body couldn’t store calories from alcohol, the way it stores food calories. Thus, when you ingest alcohol, your metabolism would stop what it is doing to remove the booze from your system.

We have tried to include the most popular alcoholic drinks (in the U.S.,U.K. and the E.U.) in our alcohol calorie chart, however, if you have a specific question about an alcoholic drink, then please contact us.

And finally, in answer to the question, “How many calories in alcohol?”, ……it all depends on the type of alcohol AND what you mix it with. Check out our alcohol calorie chart.


Concerning Signs from Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol is among the most widely-used psychoactive substances in the world. It could have powerful effects on a person’s mental state and mood. It is important to note the concerning signs for alcohol use. If you consume alcoholic drinks, do so responsible and in moderation. Individuals who drink alcohol regularly or consume larger quantities, are at a higher risk for developing health concerns and an addiction to alcohol.

Signs to be aware of would be:

  • Drinking more than you initially intended
  • Drinking more frequently than in the past
  • Missing important family and social events
  • Your drinking has a negative impact on your career
  • Your drinking has a negative impact on your relationships
  • Experiencing hangovers frequently
  • Blacking out

If you, or someone you know, can identify with any of the above points, take time to do your research. These do not mean that an individual is an alcoholic, or will become an alcoholic. However, if you are experiencing negative consequences from your drinking it is worth exploring.

Talking to someone you trust could be a place to start. Some choose to talk about their concerns with their Primary Care Physician and hear their feedback. Others feel that attending therapy is a positive choice as this can help address other concerns that they may be facing.

There are other resources for those wishing to quit drinking; these can be used in conjunction with hypnosis or as stand-alone treatments, please consult our alcohol calorie chart.

“If you’re unsure whether alcohol may be a problem, speak with one of our supportive counselors. With many having first-hand experience they understand the struggle. The free chat is confidential & they are available 24/7.”

If you found these alcohol calorie charts helpful, then the following may be of interest to you:

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