Alcohol Damaged My Liver and Caused Jaundice

by Sushant

My name is Sushant and I started drinking when I was 20. Now I am 31 but my doctor says that my liver is damaged. Last year I was suffering from jaundice and I got well but I didn’t stop drinking and now again I have jaundice in my full body as well as in my eyes.

When I don’t drink I behave like a mental person. When I don’t drink my body shakes and I cant do anything. My first main problem is that when I get up I take my bath and I take a drink, and only then can eat something. If I don’t drink I can’t eat, and I have problems sleeping.

In 2011 I got married but now I also don’t have any interest in sex. I wanted to ask you that if my liver is damaged, can I live a good life and have a good sex life? If I stop drinking can everything be good?


Sushant, I’m sorry to hear about the troubles in your health and sex life. Alcohol often causes a gradual decline in health and quality of life. It sounds like you didn’t notice that it was happening until it had made significant headway in your life.

I am not a doctor and, therefore, can’t answer questions about your liver. You will need to consult with your doctor about this. However, I do know that alcohol consumption contributes to poor liver health and the best advice is to stop drinking.

It sounds like you are experiencing common withdrawal symptoms from not drinking (psychological disturbance, shaking, loss of appetite, decreased sex drive, etc.). This is normal and will go away with time (months of time). You have not been treating your body well and it will take time for it to recover. The good news is that your body wants to naturally heal itself and if it’s not too late, it will do so when treated properly. This means no more alcohol and slowly developing a balanced, healthy diet.

Only your doctor will be able to tell you whether or not it’s too late to repair the damage done to your body. But, life is short no matter what and it can’t hurt to start today and put all your efforts towards a good life for yourself and your husband. It sounds like a good counselor would be really helpful for you as well. Look for one in your local area as soon as possible.

For more on the physical symptoms of alcohol abuse, or to learn about alcoholism and marriage, follow the links. Here is the link to read about alcoholism recovery.

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