Alcohol Facts that Everybody Should Be Aware Of

Alcohol Facts that Everybody Should Be Aware Of

Information On Alcohol


All you ever wanted to know about alcohol…and more

While researching alcohol facts for The Alcoholism Guide, I came across many topics that people, like you, wanted information on but that didn’t fit into the structure of the site. Rather than discard these topics I decided to include them and put links to them from this page, Alcohol Facts. So if you want to know such things as What a unit of alcohol actually is, Whether it is safe to drink rubbing alcohol or not or if drinking only beer can make you alcohol dependent and the like, then please scroll down the page and click on any of the topics that you think may interest you.

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Why Do People Drink Alcohol?

Alcohol has been consumed by humans for thousands of years, archaeological discoveries reveal that our ancestors were already drinking alcohol over 5000 years ago.alcohol facts

Why is alcohol so attractive to us and what motivates us to drink it? Read Why Do People Drink Alcohol? to find out more.

Alcohol Content Of Beer

One of the alcohol facts I hear knocking around is not a fact at all but a myth. It is the belief that beer is so low in alcohol that it can’t cause alcohol dependence. This is just laughable.

Not only does drinking beer have the potential to cause alcoholism but it is also said that you are MORE likely to become alcohol dependent if you only drink beer. Read The Myths About The Alcohol Content Of Beer for more.

Alcohol Facts
Units Of Alcohol Explained

A unit of alcohol is a measurement used within the U.K. Unfortunately many find it quite confusing as alcoholic drinks have different strengths and thus contain different amounts of units.

For an explanation of this measurement system, a look at the unit content of some popular alcoholic drinks and the weekly (healthy) alcohol unit allowance for men and women, read Units Of Alcohol Explained.

Drinking On The Job

Those who drink at work can expect tough sanctions from their employer. However, it is not only the consumption of alcohol on the work premises that can affect productivity but also employees drinking on their breaks and those still suffering from the after-effects of a heavy night can also damage a business.

For more information on how drinking at work impacts on a workplace and the consequences of being caught under the influence while at work, read Drinking On The Job.

Energy Drinks and Alcohol

When combined, ingredients found in energy drinks and alcohol creates a volatile and unhealthy mixture.

Read Energy Drinks and Alcohol to discover how energy drinks cause those drinking alcohol to think they are not impaired.

Alcoholic Symptoms

Alcohol is such a part of the fabric of daily life that it can be difficult to notice when we, or someone we care about, crosses the line between social drinking and alcohol dependence.

Being aware of alcoholic symptoms can aid in catching alcohol dependence early, thus enabling us to do something about it. Read Alcoholic Symptoms and discover the signs of alcoholism.

Alcohol Facts
Alcohol And Antidepressants

Doctors are generally of the opinion that mixing antidepressants and alcohol is unwise and may cause major problems.

If you are taking antidepressants and want to know more about mixing alcohol with them, then read alcohol and antidepressants to understand the possible interactions with the various types of antidepressant.

Coumadin and Alcohol

Because Coumadin is a powerful blood anticoagulant, mixing Coumadin and alcohol may produce a serious condition.

Read Coumadin and Alcohol to discover the problems potentially exacerbated by individuals mixing Coumadin and alcohol.

Zoloft and Alcohol

Zoloft and alcohol “has not been shown in experiments with normal subjects to increase mental and motor skill impairments”.

Read Zoloft and Alcohol to discover what happens when Zoloft and alcohol confront each other in the brain.

Don’t Let Alcohol Abuse Ruin Your Life

Learn about the different forms of treatment available and stop alcoholism before it destroys your life. Contact a treatment provider today.

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