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Alcohol abuse is a severe problem that could lead to serious health conditions. Nonetheless, many people who need or feel they need help with their drinking are unwilling to attend inpatient alcoholism rehab programs. This means that thousands of individuals continue drinking instead of getting the treatment they need.

This is a sad state of affairs, yet it doesn't need to be this way. If you are struggling with a drink problem but do not want inpatient treatment then there is an alternative, alcohol home treatment.

Advantages of Alcohol Home Treatment

There are many reasons why people might want to undertake alcoholism treatment at home as opposed to in a alcohol rehab. Some are listed below:

  • Expense Inpatient alcoholism treatment is expensive. The average cost of a 4 week stay is between 8-12000 dollars. This is not cheap. If you are insured then this is not a problem but if not you are in trouble.
  • Work If you are lucky not to have lost your job due to your drinking, then taking extended leave to get treatment for your alcoholism may be frowned upon by your employer/customers. Some people just don't have the option to take 4 weeks of work to get treatment.
  • Family Help/Support Some people want their friends and family around them in their time of need. Those we love can offer support and help us get through difficult times. On the other hand, many alcoholics alienate those closest to them while actively drinking so the may be no support at home at all.
  • Moderate Drinking Problem There is a class of problem drinkers who are known as moderate alcoholics. These individuals are 'only' in the first stages of alcohol dependency and usually respond much better to alcohol home treatment.
  • No Inpatient Treatment Centers There are areas of the country in which it is just not possible to access inpatient alcoholism treatment. In these cases home treatment for alcoholism is the only course of action.
  • Children For some people, and in particular mothers, leaving their children for an extended period of time is just not an option. Although trying to care for children while battling a drinking problem is not easy it is possible if there is a support network (family and friends to help with the children) in place.

Home Treatment For Alcoholism Is Not Advised For...

A lot of people are struggling to control their drinking at some point in their lives. Thus, there are people who should not attempt to treat their alcoholism at home. There are a number of factors that indicate inpatient alcoholism rehab is a necessity:

  • If you have already tried to deal with your alcoholism at home but failed then it is highly likely that you would fail again. Inpatient treatment would be your best option. if you don't not have insurance to cover the cost of a treatment center then there are free/low cost treatment centers available. To learn more about these, download our free e-book The Guide to Free And Affordable Alcohol Rehab.
  • If your home is a 'toxic environment'. Have you alienated and upset family members so much that they have turned against you? Is there another problem drinker in your home? if those situations apply to you then it is highly unlikely that you will be able to quit drinking at home, there are just too many obstacles.
  • If you are in the late stages of alcoholism Advanced alcoholics are very unlikely to succeed in stopping drinking at home. In top of this they are more likely to be suffering from other health problems caused by their excessive alcohol consumption, health problems that need medical intervention. learn more about the three alcoholism stages.
  • If you have been given a 'dual diagnosis' then home treatment is out of the question. A dual diagnosis is when somebody is an alcoholic/addict and has at least one other mental health problem such as depression or bipolar disorder. In these cases individuals need to undergo inpatient treatment to ensure there are no complications.

Your Guide To Home Alcohol Treatment

Alcoholism is a disease. Thus, many people who are suffering from alcohol use disorder could benefit from some type of treatment. If you are planning to undertake alcohol home treatment then you might be confused as to where to start. It is essential to have a plan in place so that you know what it is you want to achieve (total abstention from drinking, controlled drinking, harm reduction etc.) and how you are going to achieve it.

Rahul Nag has written a fantastic e-book that gives you the ability to plan your home alcoholism treatment. It leads you through every step of the way with useful charts and exercises to help you understand and monitor your successes and failures.

We at the Alcoholism Guide highly recommend "How to Give Up Drinking Alcohol"  to anyone who is considering taking the alcohol home treatment route.

Are you ready to quit alcoholism? Reach out to a dedicated treatment provider to know more about home treatment options that are ideal for you.

Lead Writer/Reviewer : Kayla Loibl

Licensed Medical Health Professional 


I am a Mental Health Counselor who is licensed in both New York (LMHC) and North Carolina (LCMHC). I have been working in the Mental Health field since 2015. I have worked in a residential setting, an outpatient program and an inpatient addictions program. I began working in Long Island, NY and then in Guelph, Ontario after moving to Canada. Read More


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