Family's Living with Alcohol Addiction

Find help here if alcohol is destroying your family
Debbie the Coach offers you the tools to help you help your loved one find the path to sobriety and improve your own life.

Deborah Morrow is a personal alcohol dependency coach. Debbie will teach you skills to regain control of your life and show you how to offer the best help available as a family support person.

Debbie offers a compassionate approach as you deal with your loved one, whether it be a parent, spouse, child or friend. She can help you improve the quality of your own life, while making sobriety rewarding for the person in need. Debbie emphasizes that the most important person you can offer compassion to is yourself. It all starts with you.

As a family support person are you ready to make a commitment to yourself? Debbie can help you to stop being the victim. Learn how to live your own life and set your own goals.

Do you...

  • feel that you've tried everything?
  • feel like a victim?
  • Feel that there is nobody to talk to about your situation?
  • feel angry and resentful?
  • feel depressed, helpless or hopeless?
  • feel concerned for your own safety?
  • feel concerned about the effect an alcoholic is having on the well-being of other members of the family?

If you've answered yes to any of the above, you may benefit from family support counseling.

This consultation is strictly confidential and your personal data will be used only by Debbie in her capacity as a counselor. Once you have had your consultation, your personal details will be deleted.

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