Alcoholism Quiz

Alcoholism Quiz
An alcoholism screening quiz is an effective self-diagnostic tool that can determine whether you need help with your drinking or not

There are many different alcohol dependence screening tests used by medical professionals. Of these, however, only a few are regarded as truly effective. What makes them different is that they can give an accurate diagnosis (as long as the respondent is truthful) as to whether an individual needs to take a look at their drinking habits.

It is important to note that an alcoholism quiz is just the first step when confronting your drinking. Their strength lies not in their ability to give a definitive diagnosis, rather in that they are readily available, easy to complete and relatively accurate. With that in mind lets now take a look at the more effective of the alcohol dependence questionnaires (if you want to complete one of them then click on the links provided).

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Short, Quick and Effective Alcoholism Quiz

Of all the alcoholism screening tests, the CAGE test is the most popular and most used. This is primarily because it contains only four simple, straightforward questions that are easily answered.

Due to the simplicity of the CAGE test it is often utilized in hospital A&E departments to screen patients coming into the hospital. Just because the test says an individual may have a drinking problem does not mean they do. It is merely a test that informs doctors that an individual's drinking habits need to be investigated.

If you would like to complete this alcoholism quiz, then please go to CAGE test.

A More Detailed and Accurate Alcoholism Test

The Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test is one of the more established self-diagnostic questionnaires as it was developed in 1971.

It is much longer than the above CAGE test as it asks 22 questions. As a result can delve deeper into an individual's drinking history and habits and give a more accurate diagnosis. It focuses more on a person's past drinking as opposed to their present so, as critics have pointed out, it can miss those who are only displaying early signs of alcoholism.

If you wish to complete this alcoholism quiz, then go to The Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test.

Alcoholism Quiz to Determine the Stage of Alcoholism

This diagnostic test, The Johns Hopkins Test, consists of 20 short, easy to answer questions and was created by the university of the same name

The strength of this particular questionnaire lies not only in that it can diagnose, relatively accurately, alcohol dependence but that it can also determine what stage of alcoholism an individual is at.

If you would like to complete this questionnaire, then go to The Johns Hopkins Test For Alcoholism.

A More Detailed and Accurate Alcoholism Test For The Older Generation

The Michigan Alcohol Screening Test - Geriatric version was devised specifically for older individuals.

As a result is focuses more on the specific employment status of the elderly, their social situation and their particular circumstances.

If you would like to complete the MAST-G, then please go to Michigan Alcohol Screening Test - Geriatric Version.

Free Expert Advice Available Now

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Free Expert Advice Available Now

  • Speak with an addiction specialist 24/7
  • Confidentially guaranteed
  • Discuss your treatment options


The Most Accurate Alcoholism Screening Quiz Available

Of all the alcoholism quizzes out there, the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT for short) is the most effective. With a 93% success rate it is the first stop for many wanting to know if their drinking is addictive.

The AUDIT is also particularly good when it comes to identifying those drinkers who are only in the early stages of dependence.

So, for those who would like to discover whether they are drinking alcoholically, complete this test by going to The Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test

Alcoholism Quiz for Adolescents

It is rare for adolescents to be dependent on alcohol, purely because they haven't had the time to develop full-blown alcoholism. However, there is a real possibility they can be psychologically dependent.

The Alcoholism And Teenagers Diagnostic Test (developed by the NIAAA) is aimed specifically at the young and is an invaluable tool in helping the young recognize their drinking problem early on before it gets completely out of control.

If you would like to know more about this test, go to Alcoholism and Teenagers Test.

It is important to remember that these alcoholism quizzes are just that, quizzes. Although they are useful in identifying whether an individual needs to investigate their drinking habits further, they are by no means definitive. Alcohol dependence is a complex condition that cannot be diagnosed by a few questions in a test.

If you are worried about your drinking and wish to do something about it then the best course of action is to go to your physician or someone else qualified to give an educated assessment of your drinking.

Here at The Alcoholism Guide we have an addictions counselor, Deborah Morrow, who you can talk to about your drinking and she can give an assessment as to whether you have a problem or not. If you would like a FREE consultation with her then please fill out this form.

If you or someone close to you wants help and advice on quitting drinking then take a look at the following pages:

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