Can a child be born with Wet Brain Syndrome?

Can a child be born with Wet Brain? If so, is it caused by the father or the mother, or both, if both abuse alcohol?


No, a child cannot be born with wet brain (Wernicke-korsakoff Syndrome). However, a child can be born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) which has very different symptoms to wet brain syndrome in adults. The only real similarity is that both syndromes have a major impact on the neurological system.

Many think Fetal Alcohol Syndrome occurs because the mother abused alcohol when she was pregnant. This may be the case, however, there have been a number of incidents when a baby/child has presented the symptoms of FAS and the mother did not abuse alcohol but DID drink moderate amounts of alcohol while pregnant. That is why most health care professionals now advise mothers-to-be not to drink at all while expecting a child

Some of the symptoms of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome include:

    • lack of growth, both before and after birth.
    • Learning difficulties, behavioral problems (such as ADHD), skull/head abnormalities, below average I.Q. and retarded development
    • Abnormalities of facial features are common among those with F.A.S. Such abnormalities include narrow eyes, a thin top lip and a flatter and longer than normal mid-face

With Fetal Alcohol syndrome the full potential of the fetus is stolen by the mother’s alcohol use/abuse. The unborn child has no choice in the matter. With Wet Brain Syndrome, however, the adult chooses (to a certain degree) to sacrifice his/her own cognitive abilities for their addiction.

For more on the symptoms of, and treatment for Wet Brain Syndrome, read Wet Brain.

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