Christian Alcohol Rehab

The Christian 12 Steps
What To Expect At A Christian Alcohol Treatment Center

Christian Alcohol Rehab
What are Christian alcohol treatment centers and how do they differ from other forms of dependency treatment?

Utilizing spirituality in the battle against alcoholism is not uncommon. Alcoholics Anonymous, and various other recovery programs and treatment centers, have a spiritual aspect to them. However, generally such a spirituality is rather vague. It is up to the individual to decide on the nature of the god they relinquish control to.


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A More Focused Spirituality

Christian alcohol rehab, on the other hand, has a very specific religious focus, namely that of the Christian God and his son, Jesus Christ.

And this is the major difference; 12 step programs, far and away the most common treatment method (rightly or wrongly) have a catch-all approach to God, encompassing as many beliefs as it possibly can.

Christian alcohol rehab and treatment centers, however, focus on the Christian God and make no excuses for it.

Physical, Spiritual And Psychological Condition

Bill W., one of the founding fathers of Alcoholics Anonymous, stated that alcoholism is a disease of the mind, body and spirit.

Christian alcohol rehab and treatment centers are also of this belief, but place special emphasis on the spiritual aspect. it is only with the help of God and his son, Jesus, that the other two aspects of the disease can be overcome.

This is not to say that Christians believe that beating alcoholism is a passive undertaking, far from it. Christ alone will not halt your addiction, rather your hard work and belief in Him will overcome your dependency.

AA Alternatives :

What To Expect At A Residential Christian Alcohol Treatment Center?

A Christian treatment center will be much the same as any other treatment center taking a spiritual approach to overcoming alcohol dependency.

You will usually stay at the center for a minimum of 4 weeks; during this time you will...

  • Undergo A Medical Assessment.
  • Detox from alcohol.
  • Perhaps be prescribed alcoholism medication.
  • Eat a healthy diet and be taught the importance of a healthy diet.
  • Take part in group therapy.
  • Have one-to-one therapy with a counselor.
  • Be introduced to activities that will help you relax, reduce stress and anger e.g. meditation, massage, acupuncture and the like.
  • Have an after-care program arranged with you (includes being connected with a support group in your area).
  • Formulate, with the staff, a relapse prevention plan.

On top of this you will also have treatment specifically for the Christian:

  • Bible study. You will be introduced to scriptures pertaining to your condition. Hopefully these will give you added strength in your battle and be a resource you can utilize having left the center.
  • Prayer groups. These are an important part of Christian alcohol rehab and give you the strength and energy to abstain from alcohol, and make the changes needed to stay away from alcohol.
  • Christian counselors Many Christian alcohol rehabs employ Christian counselors who can give you spiritual succor when needed and can give you advice and help based on the teachings of Christ.

Do You Have To Be Christian To Attend Christian Rehab Programs?

This all depends on the type of rehab program or facility you want to attend. Some may demand that you already be a confirmed Christian. Others may well be more tolerant, and accept people who are prepared to be open-minded to the Christian aspect of the program.

Having said this, the success of such programs is highly dependent on the specific spiritual aspect. So not to be a practicing Christian and enter such a program might seem a strange choice when there are so many other recovery/treatment groups out there.

Christian Alcohol Rehab And AA

Alcoholics Anonymous was greatly influenced by the Christian Oxford group of the first half of the twentieth century.

AA is essentially a Christian group. If you merely exchange the references to a higher power/god of AA with the Christian God and/or Jesus Christ in the 12 steps, then you have a charter for Christian living.

This fact makes it very easy for committed Christian to attend 12 step meetings while remaining true to their faith.

On top of this there are also Christian 12 step groups. The 12 steps of AA are and always have been, the Christian 12-steps.

Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery is an organization that sprang up in Australia and has gone from strength to strength over the last 20+ years.

It is not an alcohol program exclusively, but is a way for Christian to be rid of their bad habits whatever they may be.

At the moment it is confined to Australia but no doubt it will spread further afield in time.

Much like other support groups, members follow steps or in the case of Celebrate Recovery, the 7 Recovery Principles which are Christ-centered). Those trying to implement these these recovery principles in their lives, meet in churches to share their strengths, hopes and experiences much like AA members do. For more on Celebrate recovery follow this link.

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