Dating an Alcoholic

by Cathy
(Hoffman Estates, IL USA)

What you have, lots of bars, parties, eating dinner in a restaurant and sitting at the bar instead of a table because he’s more at home there.

Goals and dreams are only to the extent of what is happening the next weekend.

St. Patrick’s Day and Fourth of July Parades turn into a drink fest at 10:00am in the morning and the rest of the day goes down from there.

Thanksgiving and Christmas can’t be celebrated without wine, even if he’s the only one drinking it.

Where ever you go you have to drive because he doesn’t have a driver’s license.

Vacation days are reserved for the days following Holidays so he can sleep it off the next day.

Heart to Heart talks are forgotten the next day, sometimes the whole phone call is. There is nothing that makes me cry more than him saying “did I talk to you last night”.

Talking in the morning to the man you love, talking after work to a 12 year old adolescent who thinks everything is a funny joke.

Having heart surgery, and he asks you if you will still be able to go to the Super Bowl Party, in 3 days.

Not being able to come and see you because he doesn’t drive, but always able to get a ride or take a cab to the bar.

So, why am I crying now that I asked him not to be a part of my life anymore?

By: Cathy Sacomano

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