Do I require a doctors assistence for my drinking?

I am 51 years old. I drank alcohol in a limited manner until I was 36. Even though I have few days off, of late, I drink daily about 250 ml of 40% liquor in the evenings, and heavy drinking during the weekends. I did have frequent blackouts and misbehaved on lots of occasions. Did miss a few working days at the beginning of work weeks.

I decided to stop drinking after the weekend boozing and have been without drinks for last three days. I did have stomach aches and irregular bowls and loose motion initially. I was heavily dehydrated and thirsty and had lots of water. The stomach issues have faded out now, but I have sleepless nights and other than this no problem.

I am an expatriate working in gulf region currently alone. So do I require a doctors assistance? Could you provide an answer to this.


It sounds like you have been drinking fairly heavily. I am not a doctor, but it seems that many of your physical complaints including stomachaches, irregular bowels, loose stool, dehydration, and sleep problems are likely related to your alcohol use. I would highly recommend that you see a doctor if the symptoms persist. The doctor may recommend that you stop drinking and record the effect this has on your physical symptoms.

You may also want to consider counseling if it’s available. Counseling can help you determine the root cause of your excessive alcohol consumption and provide you will the tools to overcome those causes. In addition, a counselor can give you resources to combat any resulting alcohol cravings or withdrawal symptoms. It can be difficult to abstain from alcohol and other substances without the support of a counselor, sponsor, and/or support group such as AA. Accountability is invaluable, especially since you live alone.

Blackouts, misbehavior, missing work, and physical symptoms are all good reasons to seek professional help from both a doctor and a counselor. It’s great that you have gone three days without drinking, but you may require assistance in order to achieve long-term abstinence. It’s not easy but very rewarding!

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