drinking has made me feel like my life is over at 18

by India
(new jersey)

this isn't a dramatic story; ive never drunk myself in to divorce, or losing a job, losing kids, losing a life ive built for myself. i never had any of that to begin with. but because of alcohol, i feel like i never will. Being dependant on alcohol has made me feel that i'll never live the adult life i thought i'd have. I don't get up early anymore; i don't do schoolwork. i find it hard to maintain relationships. Alcohol has ruined me because i truly belive that i'll never be better than this. How i live now is miserbale. to anyone who finds themselves down this path at a young age; i don't reccomend it. Infact, i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Get help now, even if you think its embarassing, even if you think you can handle it. It's a disease; it'll grow, so quickly you don't even notice, and soon it'll be uncontrollable. It's no way to live. Save what you have while you still can. please. take it from me.

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