How to help a good neighbor who has a drinking problem

Such a sad story. Every since I lived in my home I knew something wasn’t okay with my neighbor. She always seemed a little odd, but isn’t every one in their own way? Neighbors for 25 plus years. Nothing to complain about. Always spoke. Exchanged family stories, plant knowledge etc.. Even opened up to me about her life with her husband and some horrible things that have taken place. I prayed for her and hoped she would know what to do or who to turn to in desperate times.

I knew she used alcohol as a drug and often became irrational when she was using. She would scream at me and not make sense. However I always knew she would apologize when she was sober and realized what she had done. No harm done. I am a very forgiving person and know what drugs and alcohol can do to a person. I lost my own sister from Hep C because she was a heroin user.

About a year or so ago my neighbor was running around her back yard grunting, growling, barking and just seemed very upset. My husband asked her was everything ok. She said no it’s not. You stupid SOB. You killed my mothers tree. You SOB. You are the worst neighbor in the world. She continued and the obscenities became even more intense and vulgar. My children were outside. So I stepped out to ask them to come inside, which of course caused her to chime in and yell at me. I replied. I want you to know I am praying for you and I hope you are ok. That seemed to make her even more upset. SO I just closed the door and went into the house.

She continued to yell at my husband and asked him to not speak to her ever again. We of course are trying to comply with her request. However it has just now been a year and she was very drunk one a night and came outside and started taking pictures of us and yelling things at us again. Other neighbors were forced to call the police. When they arrived she of course was ranting, raving and making no sense. The officer asked her if she had been drinking; she replied “I had a beer”. Then she turned and tried to take pictures of the officer. He told her he would lock her up if she continued to harass us or him. She replied, you know them don’t you. He said who are you talking about. It took approximately 45 minutes and she finally complied and went into her home.

I feel so sorry for her. I wish I could help her. I just don’t know how. I hope anyone who has any advice can help me. I am very afraid she is going to die an early death of alcohol poisoning or liver damage. She has two children who live out of state and I really want to let them know but am very afraid it is not my place. Anyone with any advice, please send it my way.

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