How to Stop Drinking Alcohol with AA Meetings

How to Stop Drinking Alcohol with AA Meetings

Alcoholics Annonymous

Many drink dependents stop drinking alcohol with Alcoholics Anonymous, it has a proven track record.

Although far from perfect, there are countless reasons to recommend it.

You may think, having read some pages on this website, that I do not approve of AA’s way to stop drinking alcohol, that I have ‘issues’ with it.


I have no problems with Alcoholics Anonymous and , I got sober with AA, and I stayed sober for a year by going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Then, and only then, did I move on.

No, my issues lie with those who believe that Alcoholics Anonymous is the only way to stay sober. It just isn’t true. It is arrogant and presumptuous to suggest that just because a method works for you, that it is the only method that works.

Anyway, enough of my ranting, if you want to read more then go to my page on what’s wrong with the 12 step program of AA to read my ramblings on this topic.

As I said above AA has its merits and has helped many get sober and stay sober. Click on the titles below to read more about this unique self-help group.


Alcoholic Anonymous Meetings
The Alcoholics Anonymous meeting is at the heart of the AA way.

The way that Alcoholic Anonymous meetings are able to work so effectively is because of a variety of different factors, like social interaction.

For more read Alcoholic Anonymous Meetings.

Stop Drinking Alcohol with AA:
Alcoholic Anonymous Online Meetings
Is the Virtual World an Effective Environment for Alcoholics Anonymous’s 12 steps?

With the rise of the Internet, AA’s message and way of sobriety has spread as never before.

It is now possible to attend AA meetings from the comfort of your home.

But is this a positive development, or are there risks?

For more read The Pros and Cons of Alcoholic Anonymous Online Meetings.

Stop Drinking Alcohol with AA:
AA Meetings Online – How do they Work?
A quick Google search for “AA meetings online” will reveal a wealth of sites that can help you locate AA online meetings.

However, what it wont do is tell you how they work, read AA Meetings Online – How do they Work? to discover the ins and outs of AA Online Meetings.

Stop Drinking Alcohol with AA:
AA Chat Rooms
Another resource for the alcohol dependent who can’t get to AA meetings or just wants to get a bit more recovery time into his/her day.

There are many chat rooms discussing the 12-step method and AA, the question is how can you find them?

Read AA Chat Rooms to learn more.

Stop Drinking Alcohol with AA:
Alcoholics Anonymous Cult
A criticism often leveled at Alcoholics Anonymous is that it has many of the characteristics of a religious cult.

Read Alcoholics Anonymous Cult to discover if AA really is a cult and whether it matters anyway.

Stop Drinking Alcohol with AA:
The Lingo of AA Online Meetings and Chat Rooms
Once you’ve found an AA online meeting or chat room you could be forgiven for thinking that those participating are speaking a foreign language.

To a certain extent they are. Decipher the acronyms that are in use in these online ‘rooms’ by reading the lingo of AA online meetings and chat rooms.

Stop Drinking Alcohol with AA:
AA Slogans
Alcoholics Anonymous might be well known to most people in the United States. However, the same definitely cannot be said of the slogans they use.

These slogans not only inspire those participating but also serve to create a sense of belonging and togetherness.

Read AA Slogans to get a flavor of this unique aspect of AA.

Quit Drinking with Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings
Alcoholics Anonymous Gifts
If you want to congratulate the recovering alcoholic in your life, then there is no better way than giving them an Alcoholics Anonymous gift.

Read Alcoholics Anonymous gifts to discover the best online retailers for Alcoholics Anonymous merchandise

Quit Drinking with Alcoholics Anonymous:
Alcoholics Anonymous Books
If its AA literature you’re after then you are spoilt for choice.

We have sifted through the rubbish to bring you the best AA books out there.

Discover the top ten Alcoholics Anonymous books.

Quit Drinking Alcohol with AA:
History of Alcoholics Anonymous
Established in 1935, AA is the oldest, most popular and widely prevalent mutual help organization worldwide. Nonetheless, despite its place in the cultural life of America, few outside Alcoholics Anonymous, are aware of the history of alcoholic anonymous.

Read the history of alcoholics anonymous to learn about the origins of AA and its founders.

Stop Drinking Alcohol with AA:
What does an AA Sponsor do Exactly?
Getting an AA sponsor is an integral part of the Alcoholics Anonymous program.

Having an AA sponsor is highly encouraged within Alcoholics Anonymous.

Why are they so important? What do they do exactly? How do you go about getting one? For the answers to these questions read, AA sponsors explained.

Quit Drinking with Alcoholics Anonymous:
AA Serenity Prayer
The AA prayer for serenity could be called the mantra of the 12 step program. It is one of the basic tools for the recovering alcoholic.

However, unbeknown to many it is actually part of a much longer prayer. Read AA Serenity Prayer to discover the full version, who wrote it and its place in early Alcoholics Anonymous.

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