Husband concerned about having alcohol dependency treatment

by Ahlia
(San Diego CA USA)

My husband is an alcoholic and has been one for 8 years. He admits he has a problem and would like to quit before he ends up losing me. His concern and fear is he does not want his work to find out nor have it on his record for insurance reasons.

He does well not to drink while he works ~ before or during. And despite how much he drinks the night before He is always on time and is good at his work.

Is there anyway to get treatment without having something go on his record. We know his medical insurance is off limits because definitely it would go on his record.

What do you suggest?

There are, as outlined on this site, a number of different options open to those who are alcohol dependent.

My advice to you would be to have a consultation with Deborah Morrow. She is a qualified addictions counselor, who specializes in non-12 step treatment for drinking problems and she will be able to point you in the right direction.

You will need to fill in a questionnaire (or your husband will) giving a few details about his drinking and contact information. Deborah will then contact him to arrange an online consultation and drinking assessment.

This is a free consultation and there is no obligation. Here is the link to the questionnaire. I wish you and your husband all the best.

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