I left my alcoholic husband in order to live

by Nancy
(Nashville, TN.)

Hi, my name is Nancy and I have lived my entire 56 years with an alcoholic… right? Well, if you take into account the 6 different husbands my mother lived with that were alcoholics and then I married one I think that qualifies me to say I have lived since I was born to an alcoholic. If I have only one day left of my life, one week ago today I will say, Hi, my name is Nancy and I no longer live with an alcoholic but I live….

The worst and most complicated environment for my entire life is to live with a man that thinks he doesn’t have a problem; however, he has lost his first family, lost his second family, would be homeless but I chose to let him have the house we bought together, and has almost lost his job several times.

I have recently realized with the help of a counselor that the blinders I have worn for 23 years with my husband is because I have only been exposed to what I knew, my mother married 6 times to an alcoholic. They will not recover with your help, you cannot fix them, you cannot love them enough, you cannot hold their hands and put their clothes on, and you have to take off the blinders to live.

It is a long hazardous journey because even if you are not drinking with them; you might as well be, because he/she has made you just as sick as they are and you have to live. Hi, my name is Nancy, and I am living.

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