Leave or help him?

by Td

When we met he drank frequently. He soon stopped because I didn’t like it. For a few years things were great. He barely drank and when he did, it was just that…. drinking. A few years ago he started staying out after work. He’d come home really late and drunk. Then I’d start getting phone calls that he was passed out wasted and they needed him gone. So I’d pack the kids up and go pick him up. Soon, this became a habit. Over the past few years he has gotten extremely verbally abusive. There isn’t anything he hasn’t said to me. He even told my children about my past, which includes my own addiction problems. He has been carried home from the neighbors wasted, just to pee on my kitchen floor while blacked out….this in front of my children. 6 months ago I had a relapse and asked him for help. He was supportive and understanding. 4 days into my own recovery he came home from work wasted and told the kids once again about my drug use. My kids knew I was clean, and I didn’t lie to them about messing up, and both boys told him to leave. My older son and him got into a huge fight and I had to restrain my husband since he beligerantly stumbled toward my son and knocked the two of them down. Since….I have remained Clean. He and I talked and worked things out. Together, but together clean and sober. For 6 months I have dealt with him leaving for up to two weeks at a time, leaving for the weekend numerous times. Still drinking. Not as much, but the same things happen when he does. He is very mean and obnoxiously verbally abusive. I have told him too many times to count that him drinking is a deal breaker and to not move back home if he isn’t going to stay sober. He repeatedly blames me for his drinking. One night, he finally opened up to me. Real true honesty. About everything. Except his drinking problem. He doesn’t see it as a problem. He doesn’t think I should mention his drinking to him. He thinks he drinks bc he likes the taste of beer and whiskey. Who likes the taste of whiskey??? I’ve stayed bc I love him. I love the sober him. I have threatened divorce. He says to just file. It’s as if I don’t matter. When he isn’t drinking, I’m his queen. When he is drinking I’m a no good lazy bitch. So my question. Do I call it quits for good? Or do I stay and continue to try to get him to see his problem? Once I file divorce papers, there’s no going back. So a threat of losing his family isn’t going to work. Help!

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  • Mar 19, 2020

    by: Admin

    This is an upsetting, terrifying, and confusing situation to be placed in. You love your husband- when he’s sober. When he’s drinking, however, it’s an entirely different story. You feel disregarded. You are worried about the safety of your children. You feel attacked and blamed, and you’re the victim of severe emotional abuse.

    Your husband has a severe drinking problem that he doesn’t seem willing to face or change. Nobody can answer if you should stay or leave. Instead, you should consider asking yourself this: What are you willing to accept if he’s not willing to change?

    In other words, you’ve seen him stop drinking. You’ve seen him start again. You’ve seen the drinking continue to progress and evolve into its own monster. He may decide to stop again. He may not. At this time, it doesn’t appear he has the desire to stop. The threats of divorce or losing his family don’t faze him. Maybe you actually leaving will encourage him to change. Maybe it won’t. Do you want to depend on your emotional happiness and well-being on a promise he’s not willing to make? Do you want to continue feeling ignored and underappreciated?

    Individual or group therapy may help you come to terms with your decision. You may need to evaluate the pros and cons with another person. But remember this: you deserve kindness. You deserve respect. And you deserve to feel like a queen at all times.


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