Like most of us,I never realised.

by Anon

When I met my partner it soon became obvious that she had issues with alcohol but at that time I had no knowledge of the devastating effects this could bring.Now ,16years later,she needs support from carers due to brain injury and mild dementia.The person I knew hasn’t altogether disappeared ,however after waiting and hoping and fooling myself into believing(because I needed to) that one day she would come back,I finally realised it was never going to happen and this is how it will continue.Sometimes I feel angry, often scared :mostly though,I just miss her and she doesn’t even realise it -that we are together and I miss her.Alcohol is still glamourised in our society;young people still think its cool to use it indiscriminately;there’s nothing cool nor glamourous about
watching the woman you used to go cycling with ,staggering to use a commode because her nervous system is damaged beyond repair.If alcohol was introduced into society now it would be a class A drug-because that is exactly what it is. I am so angry that our lives have been wrecked by a substance that you can pick up with your bread and milk.

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  • Aug 16, 2021
    I agree
    by: Mark

    Your words, I am sure ring true for a lot of people – I found out long ago that getting angry only hurts you and does more harm than good.


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