Miracle Treatment The Sinclair Method

by DRF

I stopped drinking more times than I can count. During my last stint in rehab I was given naltrexone with no explanation how it worked. I took it daily and was able to abstain, but Googled naltrexone to understand how long I should continue taking it. Then I learned about The Sinclair Method. I asked my outpatient leader about it, she never heard of it. She asked the hospital department director, also never heard of it. I was highly suspicious and sober, but I was too curious and still looking for excuses to drink. Five more times. That is how many times I drank after that. Five. Yes, I had cravings after. I took a pill, drank, and had no desire to finish my single beer. Done. I know I am on the extreme end of how effective this treatment works -- and lucky. But, I am dumbfounded as to why this is not THE first line of treatment for this terrible problem. BTW, came from a family history of alcoholics. I understand genetics greatly influences the effectiveness of this approach. Hope this helps someone.

Follow this link to learn more about the Sinclair Method.

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