My dads that guy!

by the middle child

Where do I start? Both my parents are alcoholics, both remarried to alcoholics and I have two brothers who are also alcoholics, one older one younger and then there is me stuck in the middle, the codependent middle child who doesn’t drink at all cause I’m scared to death to be like them.

I have hundreds of stories I could tell but, I’ll stick with the one that stands out the most. About 5 years ago I got a call saying my father was in jail for shooting a guy. WHAT? yep, he shot him. It was an accident.

You see my dad had been on a drinking binge for days, pulled out my grandfather’s old gun and went down to the lake to contemplate taking his own life. While thinking through the pro’s and con’s of life he decided to use the booies as target practice. He missed and shot a jet skier in the leg.

The shot was a through and through and the guy is ok, thank Jesus, but my dad still shot him. Long story short my dad fought an expensive legal battle, spent a little time in jail, was put on probation and had to attend aa meetings.

This accident could have been so much worse, but now 5 years later my dad is sober and full of life. This story has a happy ending, but so many do not.

P.S. my baby brother is in recovery now also.

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