My drinking is destroying my life.

by Klay
(South Carolina )

I started drinking when I was just 19, (I’m 22 now) and so far I’ve had two DUIs, and at least three charges of public intoxication. I’ve lost three jobs, also. Drinking has controlled my life since then, the cravings are sudden and strong, and I am powerless to it. I want to stop indefinitely but again, the cravings kick in. My mother and father were both alcoholics, along with two of my uncles. I’ve reached out to family but I ignore them. I want to go to A.A at least once, cause I haven’t been. I read that A.A doesn’t work for everybody, and the successfulness of the program is very low after the first year. I just want to make it a month without drinking, I cant even begin to think about making it a year. I have support from plenty of people, and they try to help but I don’t listen. I’m going to try hard to stay sober this time. I believe everything happens for a reason, and maybe fate is wanting to share my experiences to people who are also wanting help. If I can stay sober I know everyone can too.

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