My Life without Alcohol

by Mandla Sibeko

Sobriety is a must for me not an option. When I used to drink, I was like mad. I used to delay going to work just to have a few drinks. Then finally I decided to resign from my job because I was no longer able to maintain the correct time to start work. I resigned, but to me it was a blessing because I had enough opportunity to mess around and to see the mess I had caused to my life.

I always had to have a beer next to my bed. So that when I woke up, I had to drink this beer to get back to sleep. I was so talkative and such a bully. I could not wash myself let alone change my clothes. One time I was invited back to my childhood home, my father was very ill, suffering from cancer, so he called all of us to meet before he died. It was Wednesday when I received the invitation. We were supposed to meet him the following day, Thursday. He invited all his children and I happen to be one of them. To me it was so unfortunate that I was unable to make it, due to the fact that I was so dirty and had nothing nice to put on. I had to postpone it to the following Friday so that I could get a chance to buy new clothes - socks, t-shirt, trousers. I also had to wash myself as I hadn't for weeks. I managed to see him bu was alone. Even after all of this I got my blessings. He later died.

I later accepted my problem with alcohol and joined the Soweto Group of AA, but it took 2 years for me to find another job,I was determined to stay on course. Given that the support was always there, at the Soweto Group:

1.I found a job and became much more reliable
2. I married my fiancé who had left me before.
3. I was a darling to my mother and I took responsibility for looking after her.
4. I bought a car.
5. My mother died, I looked after those who were left at home.
6. I managed my younger brother's wedding exceptionally.
7. I bought myself a house.
8. Now I'm a grandfather who is so responsible.
9. I work as well as a graduate although I did not even pass matriculation.

I will alway kneel down to thank you AA, you made me the man I never was!!

This life is full of surprises. Everything just happened when I accepted the real condition of my life.

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