My mom thinks she's not that bad...

by Sean

For many years my mom was a very functional alcoholic. She always had a couple beers on the go. For my parents 25th anniversary someone even made her a bouquet with a beer bottle in the middle. And on the cake, my dad was holding a shovel, and she was holding a beer. It was cute and funny.

But over the years since then, it has gotten worse. She admits that she is self-medicating with booze. It is her way of dealing with stress, family problems, any kind of conflict etc.

Try and mention it and she gets so mad. Says things like don't cry at my funeral. Or she'll look right at you and crack open another beer. It is so frustrating, because she doesn't really think she has a problem--even though she says she knows she does. I know that doesn't make any sense...I guess she just doesn't think that it's a big problem.

Some days she doesn't drink.. will even go three or four without drinking, so she thinks that proves she isn't "really" an alcoholic.

I wish I knew how to convince her she needed help, and to keep at it.

Thanks for reading...

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My Alcholic Mum

by Hayley Nicklin
(Stoke on Trent, England)

My mum has been drinking since I was 14 and she's still drinking now, I have a sister that's pregnant, living at home and a dad who works away. I'm in my final years of school and I'm getting ready for my exams. My mum will not stop her drinking.

I have had help from social workers who help young teenagers. I'm always stressed out. I can never do school work at home because I'm either looking after my mum, or helping my sister as she's going be a single mum. My dad is never really at home to help me. I'm stressed and depressed.

My mum falls over, and either cuts her face open or cuts her knees open. I wish life was easier. I hate coming home from school because I know what I'm going walk into. I wish everything was different. I want to be able to do the best I can at school but my mums drinking is stopping me. I can not concentrate at school properly. I just wish when I wake up in the mornings that its just a dream but its not. Its getting to hard for me now. I would love to be able to speak to someone who's going through the same as me or has been through it.

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