Never again, so I thought

by Linda

I was married to an abusive alcoholic and have been divorced for almost 20 years.
I swore to myself I would never get involved with anyone with a drinking problem.
Then, it happened, I met an amazing man. Loves his family, has a job. Life was good until we went on our first overnight trip.
It was at this time I was told that he was not only a former drug addict, but an alcoholic. I was stunned.
He said he has not had drugs in over 20 years, a sigh of relief, and, his company does random drug tests which he has passed.
But, he is a binge drinker. I told him matter of fact of my ex-husband and he told me he would not hurt me, but, on weekends when not working he does drink quite heavily. He works seven days a week for three weeks to have a weekend off. He does not drink when working .

Should I be concerned? This type of binge drinking a form of being an alcoholic?

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