Residential Alcohol Treatment Centers

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What To Expect

Undergoing residential alcoholism treatment can seem daunting, read our guide to find out what you can expect during your stay.

Residential alcohol treatment centers deliver specialized services that help alcoholics overcome their alcohol dependence.

They differ from outpatient alcoholism treatment programs in that while undergoing treatment, you remain within the facility for usually a minimum of four weeks.

Different Treatment Centers For Different People

These inpatient treatment programs for alcohol abuse have varying durations and stay periods, depending on the degree of alcohol dependence and overall condition of the client.

They also might follow different 'ideologies' of addiction treatment such as the 12-step method, nutritional programs, holistic programs, Christian programs and so on.

These inpatient rehab centers manage sober accommodation facilities and appropriate support activities to help alcoholics overcome their alcohol dependence. Treatment includes the administering of alcoholism medication, group and one-to-one therapy, group dynamics and counseling.

There are rehab centers that cater to specific groups like working professionals, the elderly, women, those with dual-diagnosis, those with alcohol-induced health conditions, those suffering from cross-addiction and teens.

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Some alcohol treatment centers also provide outpatient alcohol treatment for those unable or unwilling to attend a residential rehab program.

The typical treatment programs implemented in these rehab centers include focused and specialized medical services that help clients go through the withdrawal phase.

Alcoholics avail themselves of the services of treatment centers on a voluntary basis or in compliance with a judicial order or decision.

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Residential Alcohol Treatment Centers

Common Elements Of Residential Alcohol Treatment Centers

Established and reputable alcohol rehab centers adopt comprehensive treatment programs that have, as a minimum, the following critical features and components:

  • Comprehensive Screening Process
    Residential alcoholism treatment adopt a thorough pre-admission procedure that involves psychological evaluation and physical withdrawal screening. An appropriate background check will also be undertaken and this will include medical history, personal and family background, duration of alcohol addiction and other legal, social and emotional variables. The rehab program is tailored to fit the individual based on the results of the assessment and evaluation.
  • Objective and Behavioral Learning Process
    The rehabilitation program consists of speakers, self-help videos, outreach activities, book studies and discussion groups. An alcoholic will be involved in individual and group dynamics that will help him go through the denial phase.
  • Ideal Environment for Alcohol Treatment
    Residential alcohol treatment centers adopt a relevant and comprehensive program that will help clients get over their dependence on alcohol. An alcoholic will go through an in-patient alcohol treatment program that provides dorm-like accommodations and spend time with other clients with the same problem. There will be no distractions at all.
  • Promote Stability and Self-Discipline
    While under alcohol treatment in these rehabilitation centers, clients will follow a regimented daily routine. This stable and deliberate daily schedule serves as the core foundation of the alcohol treatment program and paves the way for the client’s new life perspective that is alcohol-free.
  • Higher Success Rates
    This form of treatment for alcohol abuse normally follows a long-term regimen. Residential alcohol treatment centers are known for their higher success rates. In contrast to outpatient programs which are anchored on competency of their staff in managing one-on-one and group facilitation activities, residential alcohol treatment centers adopt a well-rounded treatment protocol under a controlled environment.

In cases where physical detoxification is involved, a medical practitioner who is specially trained for this type of treatment determines the treatment procedure and supervises the medical intervention.

The medical intervention will also focus on the management of blood pressure as well as the control of sleep, depression and anxiety problems, which normally affect people who are going through alcoholism detox.

Providing For Long Term Recovery

Residential alcohol treatment centers provide clients with the opportunity to maintain and carry on with their alcohol-free routine long after they have left the treatment facility.

They will help the recovering alcoholic create a relapse prevention plan and make them aware of relapse triggers that could potentially derail their recovery.

Clients normally go though fellowships or join support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, to help them maintain a sober lifestyle.

There are many Options Available to Help Beat Alcoholism!

If you are looking for the right alcoholism treatment for you or your loved one, please contact a dedicated treatment provider today.

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