Resources for loved one living with an Alcoholic who is sober

by Sue D.
(Baldwinsville NY)

What are some reading resources related to sobriety, dry drunk syndrome, recovery etc? My significant other is 20 years sober but not much growth due to complex PTSD.

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Nov 14, 2020
Husband 16 years of sobriety
by: Anonymous

My husband has been sober for 16 years. He has always gone to 3 AA meetings a week. He sponsor's several men. Takes commitments. In the last 3 months I have seen that he sneaks Vanilla extract into his coffee, which he drinks all day. Always drank his coffee black. There is alcohol in Vanilla Extract.Is this something I should be concerned with? I have not told him I know.

Jun 15, 2020
by: Michael

Hi Sue
There are some great resources on NIAAA web site for PTSD here is a link -
Also this site has great information on Sobriety.

Stay strong and Safe.

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