The Sinclair Method

The Right Naltrexone Dosage

The Sinclair Method
Statistically, this method is far more successful than AA, and yet it is virtually unknown of in the U.S.

the sinclair method

There are a lot of so-called alcoholism cures out there and many are just that, 'out there'.

However, the Sinclair Method breaks the mold. A measure of its success is that it continues to win more and more converts.

It is widely believed by many (or at least those who have come across it) to be much more effective than most of the other options and that includes the ubiquitous, Alcoholics Anonymous.

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It is claimed by proponents that Sinclair's method gives alcoholic individuals the freedom to continue drinking, as their cravings for alcohol slowly fade.

In many cases, it also allows individuals to decrease their level of alcoholic consumption to the point that they can remain a social drinker if they choose to do so.

In fact, this particular alcohol treatment option is so effective that as many as 78% of alcoholic individuals using this method have managed to either give up drinking altogether or have reduced their drinking to recommended levels [2].

AA's own statistics show that, ONLY 5% of alcoholics still attend meetings after one year [1]. Is this the mark of a successful treatment program?

Using an Old Drug in a New Way

It is commonly assumed that if an alcoholic wants to give up drinking he or she will have to abstain from alcohol for the rest of his or her life.

This is a belief expounded by the most popular of alcohol recovery groups, Alcoholics Anonymous.

This assumption has become so ingrained in the recovery 'industry', that if you suggest any kind of alcoholism recovery program that deviates from the abstention model then you are immediately labeled as misguided or, in some cases, insane.

This, however, is exactly what the Sinclair Method does.

This method utilizes a drug called naltrexone [3].

Naltrexone is normally prescribed to reduce the cravings for alcohol or heroin. The drug is licensed by the FDA and they recommend it be prescribed to alcoholics or addicts only after they have stopped drinking. (Read naltrexone treatment of alcoholism for more on the licensed use of the drug)

In the Sinclair Method, however, the drink dependent is required to continue drinking.

The recommended naltrexone dosage for the Sinclair Method is 50mg to be taken about an hour before consuming alcohol, and you should do so throughout the course of your drinking life [4].

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The Sinclair Method:
So how does it Work?

Using Naltrexone in this manner will slowly lower the amount of alcohol cravings that a person has for alcohol, and it does so without the patient having to worry about frustrating and painful withdrawal symptoms.

In most other treatment plans and cures for alcoholism there is a wide variety of alcohol withdrawal symptoms that a patient must endure when they make the decision to either stop or reduce the amount of alcohol that they consume.

The reason that this method is seen as an effective treatment for alcoholism is because it completely blocks the body's release of endorphins to the brain [5].

When a person, who will later develop alcoholism, first begins to drink, endorphins are released in his/her brain. The release of endorphins creates pleasure.

From then on the individual associates alcohol with pleasure and continues to do so. They learn that alcohol equals good feelings.

As they drink more and more their tolerance grows and they need more drink to release the same amount of endorphins to create the pleasurable feelings. Eventually, they become physically and psychologically addicted to alcohol.

Obtaining Naltrexone

Naltrexone is only available by prescription. You should only use it when under the care of a physician who has extensive experience treating people with alcohol problems.

However, as mentioned above, naltrexone is only recommend for those who are abstaining from alcohol. The trick is to find a sympathetic physician who will prescribe it for you.

If you go to the following link, you will find and be able to print out a letter that you can give to your doctor explaining the ins and outs of the Sinclair method, and the naltrexone dosage necessary for the method to be effective.

Total Abstention is not Necessary.

By taking Naltrexone one hour before they drink, alcoholics are blocking the release of endorphins, so when they drink they don't get the same pleasure as before.

They 'unlearn' that alcohol equals pleasure [6].

That is why those using this method, can, if they wish, continue drinking, but responsibly.

In Finland, the Sinclair Method is used extensively with very positive results.

It is strange that this 'cure' for alcoholism, is virtually unheard of in the U.S. despite the fact that it was devised in the 1980s and has had such positive results.

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Free Expert Advice Available Now

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  • Discuss your treatment options


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