Single mom deciding to stay with Police Captain boyfriend.

Help me please.
I am a 45 year old single mother of three young children. About a year ago I met a wonderful handsome Police Captain man on a popular dating site. We had instant chemistry and immediately took ourselves off of the site. We dated on and off for almost a year. He drinks a LOT. I can't remember one date that didn't involve drinking. I enjoy a glass of wine or two and don't have a problem. But, when I'm with him the main focus of our dates when we don't have our children, center in his backyard, "grilling dinner", listening to music and drinking. Usually the process takes HOURS. I ofter find that before I know it I've drank an entire bottle of wine. I don't like that, don't like the feeling the next day and feel guilty. Note that I don't do this when we have our children.
He starts with several beers and then switches to whiskey mixed with soda. This happens even when he's by himself. I can tell because he slurs his words on the phone.
I broke up with him last night because I don't want to enable him or drink that much for myself. His response was well your having a drink an hour so it's not a big deal.
He's my best friend, handsome, sweet to me, never has been mean and I miss him. Please share any advice with me, I'm lonely and miss him. Am I doing the right thing by leaving?

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May 07, 2021
You are smart!!
by: Lainie

Read your post. You cited the facts and have faced reality that alcohol is his gig! You are very sharp. He is an alcoholic; many (not all) cops are. My former husband was a cop and when he decided to get sober, he had to leave the profession. The stress in this occupation is massive and they deal with scum bags all the time!! Booze is their outlet. And yes - they are kind and charming - can’t deny that. His position also involves demanding administrative stuff. He self-medicates with booze for relief. You have done the right thing for yourself (and your children). Break ups are hard but you can now move forward and find something to do when u miss him. With time - you will pat yourself on the back for your decision to leave him. Time will heal your heart 💜. You don’t want alcohol to be the center of every evening.

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