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Got a problem with drinking? Is a loved one's alcohol consumption worrying you? Get the latest news and info. on all things alcoholism here.

AA Cracked - FREE Report - Lifting The Lid On AA.
Read AA Cracked, a FREE E-report, before you even think about going to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting or 12-step program.

Alcoholics Anonymous Cult?
Alcoholics Anonymous Cult - Does it have the characteristics of a cult?

Ask Your Alcoholism Questions
Want to know more about alcohol dependency and its treatment? Get the answers to your alcoholism questions here...

Alcoholism Stories - Addiction Recovery Stories
Alcoholism Stories. Hear about and share your addiction recovery stories, alcohol abuse story and alcohol recovery story here.

Free Alcohol Dependence Counseling
Debbie Morrow provides a free consultation so that you can assess how best to deal with your drinking problem


What is Alcoholism? What Causes Alcoholism?
What is alcoholism? Is there a definition of an alcoholic? Find out here.

Alcohol Facts - Information On Alcohol
Alcohol facts. Information on alcohol and its consumption, from why you shouldn't drink rubbing alcohol all the way to the pros and cons of lowering

Signs of Alcoholism. Recognizing Alcoholism Signs.
The signs of alcoholism: Am I an alcoholic?;

Alcoholism Test. Take A Test For Alcoholism.
Alcoholism Test. Take one of these alcoholism tests to discover if you have a drinking problem

Alcohol Abuse Effects on Health. The Effects of Drinking Alcohol to Excess
Alcohol abuse effects. Alcohol abuse damages the body, the mind and those who care for the dependent drinker.

Living with an Alcoholic is Hard. Alcoholism and Family Life is Even Harder.
Living with an alcoholic can strain the strongest relationships. Find out here about alcoholism in families.....

Teen Alcohol Abuse
Teen alcohol abuse uncovered. Merely experimenting or a sign of something bigger? Discover why teens drink, how it affects them, how to prevent it a

Information On Alcohol Abuse - Binge Drinking
Information on alcohol abuse. Binge drinking is not alcohol dependence, but that does not mean it won't negatively impact on you. Discover more...

Alcoholism facts and Alcoholism Information
Alcoholism facts. Resources to help you overcome alcohol dependency.

Alcoholism Self Help
Alcoholism self help resources.

Alcohol Addiction Recovery. The First Step of Many
Alcohol Addiction Recovery. Alcohol addiction rehab treatment is not just a matter of stopping drinking, it involves a complete change of lifestyle.

Stop Drinking Alcohol with Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings
Stop Drinking Alcohol with AA. Thousands have stopped drinking with Alcoholics Anonymous since the 1930s. Can it help you?

Alcohol Treatment Programs. Alternative treatment options to AA
Alcohol Treatment Programs that aren't AA. You could be forgiven for thinking the 12 step program of AA is the only treatment and recovery option for

Alcoholism Cure
Alcoholism cure. Believe it or not, there are plenty of cures for alcoholism

Holistic Alcohol Treatment
Holistic alcohol treatment. There are many therapies and alternative treatments that can provide alcohol holistic treatment

Alcoholism Medication. Can we use Drugs to Treat Alcoholism?
Alcoholism medication. Is there a medication for alcoholism that is proven to work?

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Sitemap for The Alcoholism Guide
Sitemap for The Alcoholism Guide

Famous Alcoholics? I Never Became One.
Joining the legion of famous alcoholics was my goal.Avoiding becoming just one of many alcoholism stories.

Personality of an Alcoholic - Alcoholic personality
Personality of an Alcoholic. Is there such a thing as an alcoholic personality?

Residential Alcohol Treatment Centers Explained
All residential alcohol treatment centers provide relatively similar programs. Discover what a stay at a residential alcohol treatment center involv

Outpatient Alcoholism Treatment - What Does It Involve?
Outpatient alcoholism treatment vs. inpatient alcohol treatment center.

Medication for Alcoholism - Medication For Alcohol Abuse
Medication for alcoholism can be divided into two types; that used to assist in alcoholism recovery and that seen as a treatment for alcoholism in its

The Sinclair Method. A Cure For Alcoholism
The Sinclair Method. So-called cures for alcoholism usually prove to be ineffective, but is this about to change?

Naltrexone Treatment of Alcoholism - Naltrexone Hydrochloride
Naltrexone treatment of alcoholism. Alcoholism naltrexone treatment can reduce cravings for alcohol, naltrexone is also used in the controversial alco

Vivitrol - Stop Alcohol Craving
Vivitrol. An injectable anti-craving medicine, but what are naltrexone side effects?

Diazepam Alcohol - Treatment for Alcohol Withdrawal
Diazepam alcohol. When mixed diazepam and alcohol are dangerous, but when used for alcohol withdrawal anxiety it is indispensable.

Drinking Problems - Alcohol Abuse Symptoms
Drinking problems. Spotting the signs of a drinking problem.

Alcoholism Statistics, Drinking and Driving Statistics
Alcoholism Statistics: Statistics on alcoholism, statistics of alcoholism

Alcohol Driving - Drinking And Driving Effects
Alcohol driving. Get the facts about drinking and driving, blood alcohol content is the key factor not whether you feel fit to drive.

Binge Drinking Facts. What Is Binge Drinking?
Binge drinking facts. Definition of binge drinking. How to stop binge drinking.

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms - Alcohol Withdrawals
Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms. Alcohol withdrawal seizures can be fatal, discover the signs of alcohol withdrawal

Alcoholism Detox - Discover The Symptoms Of Alcohol Detox
Alcoholism detox is the first step in defeating alcoholism. Arming yourself with alcohol detox information is essential for successful detoxification.

Alcohol Brain Damage - Alcoholic Dementia
Alcohol brain damage. Alcoholism and the brain is not a good mix

Moderate Drinking Guidelines - International Drinking Guidelines
Moderate drinking guidelines. If you want to drink safely and not damage your health then follow international drinking guidelines

Alcohol Counselor
Debbie Morrow is an alcohol counselor who provides on-line coaching and support for those dependent on alcohol or require other services such as relapse

Women for Sobriety - Alcohol Treatment For Women
Women for Sobriety. Tackling alcoholism in women, a self-help group that empowers those who for so long have been powerless.

Alcoholic Anonymous 12 Steps: 12 Steps Of AA Explained
Alcoholic Anonymous 12 steps. What are the 12 steps? The principles behind the 12 steps explained

History of Alcoholics Anonymous - Bill W AA
History of Alcoholics Anonymous. Bill Wilson of Alcoholics Anonymous dominates early Alcoholics Anonymous History

AA Online Meetings - Online AA Meetings
AA Online Meetings. Discover the acronyms used in an AA meeting online

Alcoholic Anonymous Online Meetings - Advantages Of Online AA Meeting
Alcoholic Anonymous online meetings are growing in popularity. But what are the pros and cons of online Alcoholics Anonymous?

Alcoholic Anonymous Meetings - How Does Alcoholics Anonymous Work?
Alcoholic anonymous meetings can be confusing and intimidating for the newcomer. Read our guide to the workings of a typical alcoholics anonymous meet

AA slogans and The Serenity Prayer
AA Slogans and the serenity prayer - At the core of the AA program.

AA Chat Rooms - AA Chat
AA Chat Rooms. AA online chat is another resource that can be used for recovery from alcoholism

Alcoholics Anonymous Gifts - Buying Alcoholics Anonymous Merchandise
Alcoholics Anonymous gifts - trawling the net for the best alcoholics anonymous merchandise money can buy.

Top Ten Alcoholics Anonymous Books - Alcoholics Anonymous Literature
Alcoholics Anonymous books. There's plenty of AA literature about, we take a look at the ten most popular books about the program starting with the B

Reduce Alcohol Craving
Reduce alcohol craving with the latest in pharmacotherapy

Drinking Responsibly - How Can I Stop Drinking Alcohol To Excess?
Drinking responsibly may seem a tall order but with Moderation Management it could become reality

First Signs of Alcoholism - Early Signs of Alcoholism
First signs of alcoholism. Distinguishing between heavy drinking and alcoholism warning signs.

Ten Warning Signs of Alcoholism - Symptoms of Alcoholism.
Ten warning signs of alcoholism. Discover the major symptoms of alcoholism

Orthomolecular Alcoholism Treatment - Vitamins For Alcoholics
Orthomolecular alcoholism treatment focuses on the physical damage caused to the alcoholic by vitamin and nutritional deficiencies

Kudzu Alcoholism - The Kudzu Vine In Recovery
Kudzu alcoholism treatment. Can the Kudzu plant help those suffering from alcohol dependence. In some tests the Kudzu herb has shown promise; in othe

Christian Alcohol Rehab – Christian Alcohol Treatment Center
Christian alcohol rehab and Christian alcohol treatment centers are statistically more successful than other spiritual 'treatments'.

New Alcoholism Treatment: - Baclofen Alcohol Treatment
New Alcoholism Treatment - Could a simple muscle relaxant be the 'magic pill' for treating alcohol dependency?

Alcoholism Disease - Is Alcoholism A Disease?
Alcoholism Disease. Some support the the disease model of alcoholism ,others say alcoholism is not a disease. Who is right?

Alcoholism and Genetics - Genetic Alcoholism
Alcoholism and genetics. The genetics of alcoholism is a very real possibility in alcoholic families.

Anxiety and Alcohol - Uncovering The Anxiety Alcohol Mix
Anxiety and alcohol a dangerous mix. Discovering the connection between anxiety, alcohol and self-medication

Addictive Personality Disorder - The Addictive Personality
Addictive personality disorder. Addictive personality traits and addictive personality treatment.

Enabling an Alcoholic - Enabling Addiction
Enabling an alcoholic. Enabling behavior - a major factor in prolonging the condition.

Codependency in Relationships - Alcoholic Family System
Codependency in relationships.The Alcoholic family system is one that depends on codependency to function .

Married to an Alcoholic - Alcoholism And Marriage
Married to an alcoholic and finding the going hard? Get help and advice on drinking and marriage problems

Alcoholic Intervention. An Alcoholism Intervention is used as a Last Resort.
Alcoholic Intervention. When all else has failed in making your loved one see sense, perhaps it is time to call in a professional.

Alcoholism and the Elderly - Treating Elderly Alcoholics
Alcoholism and the elderly. Treating elderly alcoholism requires tailored treatment, as elderly alcoholics present unique challenges

Alcoholism Definition - Definition Of An Alcoholic
Alcoholism Definition. The definition of an alcoholic is not clear-cut

Alcohol Allergy - Symptoms
Alcohol Allergy. Do you have an allergic reaction to alcohol?

Health Recovery Center - Genuine Alcohol Holistic Treatment
Health Recovery Center: Founded by Joan Mathews Larson, HRC offers alcohol holistic treatment that is one of a kind

Alcohol Rehab For Women - Addressing Women And Alcoholism
Alcohol rehab for women. Women and alcoholism does not equal men and alcoholism. Two genders, two treatment solutions.

Alcoholic Women
Alcoholic women. How does alcohol affect women? Is alcohol abuse more prevalent among women? Why do women drink?

Alcoholic Behavior
Alcoholic behavior. Can you identify an alcoholic from the way they behave?

End Stage Alcoholism - Final Stages Of Alcoholism
End stage alcoholism. When chronic alcoholism has taken hold.

Alcoholism Stages - Late Stages Of Alcoholism.
Alcoholism stages. The stages of alcoholism explained, from the first signs through to alcoholism final stage

Test For Alcoholism. The Johns Hopkins Alcoholism Questionnaire.
Test for Alcoholism. The Johns Hopkins University drinking scale determines at what stage of alcoholism you might be at. Try it now and get the help w

Advanced Alcoholism - Treating Chronic Alcoholism
Advanced alcoholism treatment requires a different approach than that afforded to those in the earlier stages of the condition. Read more....

Wet Brain Syndrome -The Severest Form of Alcoholic Dementia.
Wet Brain Syndrome is actually two illnesses; korsakoff psychosis and Wernicke Encephalopathy. It is fatal in 20% of cases.

Alcoholism and Depression - A link Between Depression And Alcohol?
Alcoholism and depression are indisputably linked. But what is this link and what is alcoholic depression? Read on to find out....

Alcohol Abuse Statistics - Statistics On Alcohol Abuse
Alcohol abuse statistics. Society and alcohol abuse, the costs of alcohol abuse, statistics of alcohol abuse and teenagers....

Teenage Drinking Facts - Teenage Drinking Statistics
Teenage Drinking Facts. The effects of teenage drinking should not always be laughed off as youthful experimentation

Teen Alcoholism - Causes Of Alcoholism Among Teens
Teen alcoholism is a worry for many parents. Alcoholism in teens is on the rise as demonstrated by alcoholism statistics. Teen alcohol abuse will not g

Alcoholism And Teenagers - Alcoholism In Teens Test
Alcoholism and teenagers can be hard to diagnose. Use our self-diagnostic test to discover whether a teens drinking habits are a sign of alcohol depends

Adolescent Alcoholism - Adolescent Alcohol Abuse
Adolescent alcoholism. Learn to spot the signs of teen alcohol abuse.

Alcohol and Weight Gain. Can you have the former without the latter.
Alcohol and weight gain are said to go hand-in-hand. But is it possible to both drink and maintain a healthy weight?

Calories in Alcohol - Understanding Calorie Content Of Alcohol
The calories in alcohol do not make you put on weight, the alcohol calories prevent your body from burning excess fat

Alcohol Calorie Chart - Consult The Alcohol Calorie Counter
An alcohol calorie chart is a great way to discover how many calories in alcohol your drink contains

Types of Alcohol And Alcohol Abuse Signs.
Types of alcohol. Whatever alcohol types you drink, if abused they will all cause alcohol dependence

Alcohol Content Of Beer
Alcohol content of beer is relatively low but this does not mean it can't cause dependence. Read on to discover how much alcohol there actually is in

Help for Alcoholics - Getting Alcoholic Help
Help for Alcoholics - Lifering Secular Recovery provides help for the alcoholic minus the spiritual dimension

Secular Organization for Sobriety - Save Our Selves
Secular Organization for sobriety or SOS for short, is an effective alternative to AA.

Help with Alcoholism - AA Alternatives
Help with Alcoholism. As AA Alternatives go, SMART Recovery is as secular as you can get

Rational Recovery - What Is AVRT?
Rational Recovery is a unique and controversial alcoholism treatment program devised by Jack Trimpey. How does it work and why are many in the addiction

Alanon Meeting Online - Alanon Online
Alanon Meeting Online. Where to find Alanon online and what to expect at online alanon meetings.

AA Meetings Online - AA Online
AA meetings online: Where can I find Alcoholics Anonymous Online Groups?

Alcoholism Forums - Finding An Alcohol Forum
Alcoholism Forums. We have sifted through a multitude of alcoholism and AA forums to bring you the best on the web.

Coping with an Alcoholic
Coping with an alcoholic. Are you coping with a teen alcoholic, an alcoholic parent or are you children of alcoholic parents? Then read this page.

How to Help an Alcoholic - Alcoholic Help
How to help an alcoholic. When getting help for the alcoholic in your life might not be the wisest thing to do....

Alcoholism Intervention - Alcohol Abuse Intervention
Alcoholism intervention. A family-led alcohol addiction intervention confronts the alcoholic with the consequences of his/her behavior.

Alcoholism Denial - Alcoholic Denial
Alcoholism denial. Alcoholic denial is a powerful and baffling symptom of alcohol dependence

Effects of Alcoholism - Alcoholism And Its Effects
The effects of alcoholism. The physical , social and familial consequences of alcoholism

Benefits of Drinking Red Wine. Do They Outweigh the Dangers of Alcoholism
The benefits of drinking red wine are said to be greater than those of other popular alcoholic drinks. Should we drink more vino despite the dangers o

Alcoholic Liver Disease - Understanding Alcohol And Liver Disease
Alcoholic liver disease - Understanding alcohol and liver damage - Identifying liver damage from alcohol is a must for those who abuse alcohol

Alcoholic Cirrhosis - Alcohol And Cirrhosis
Alcoholic Cirrhosis. Alcoholic liver cirrhosis generally develops after many years of alcohol abuse, but can appear in moderate drinkers

Alcoholic Hepatitis Symptoms And Treatment
Alcoholic hepatitis is a life-threatening condition. Discover alcoholic hepatitis symptoms.

Wives of Alcoholics. My Husband is An Alcoholic.
Wives of alcoholics. Advice on what to do if you are married to an alcoholic.

Alcohol Abuse Intervention Explained
Alcohol abuse intervention. What is it, what does it involve and how do you go about it?

Signs Of An Alcoholic In The Family
Signs of an alcoholic in the family. Look out for these telltale symptoms of a drinking problem in a family member

Drinking On The Job - Drinking At Work
Drinking on the job can result in suspension, dismissal or worse. Why risk drinking at work?

Alcohol Treatment Facilities - Alcoholism Facility Treatment Checklist
Alcohol treatment facilities checklist. If you want effective alcohol treatment be sure to use this checklist

Alcohol Dependency Treatment - Choosing Treatment For Alcohol Dependency
Alcohol dependency treatment . Treatment for alcohol dependency takes many forms; whatever your gender, color, beliefs there's an alcoholism solution

Outpatient Alcohol Detox - Benefits Of Alcohol Detox At Home
Outpatient alcohol detox can seem like a good choice for some, however, self-detox from alcohol is not without its problems

Alcohol Abstinence - Unreasonable, Unachievable
Alcohol abstinence is according to the Harm Reduction model, an unreasonable expectation. The HAMS Network puts Harm Reduction theory into practice

Alternative Alcoholism Treatment? Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Alternative alcoholism treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy is already a component of many programs but is it effective on its own?

Aversion Therapy - An Alcoholism Drug Therapy
Aversion therapy is a controversial behavioral therapy that attempts to condition the alcoholic into believing that drinking is unpleasant

A New Drug for Alcoholism - Nalmefene
The new drug for alcoholism, nalmefene is being touted as a cure for alcoholism. Is this alcoholism medicine really that effective?

Hypnosis To Stop Drinking
Hypnosis to stop drinking. What to look for, what to expect and where to find practitioners.

Herbal Treatment For Alcoholism
Herbal treatment for alcoholism include a diverse range of herbs: Kudzu herb, milk thistle (for the liver), St John's Wort, Skullcap, Ginseng, Passion

Homeopathic Remedies For Alcohol Withdrawal
Homeopathic remedies for alcohol withdrawal are effective, easily available and cheap. Why then are they not used more?

Alcoholic Blackouts Drinking Blackout
Alcoholic blackouts. Alcohol blackouts are a sign of alcohol abuse but are they a sign of alcoholism?

Signs of Alcohol Abuse - Get Information On Alcohol Abuse.
Signs of alcohol abuse and alcohol abuse symptoms can be hard to pinpoint. Get the most up to date alcohol abuse information here...

Dangers of Binge Drinking - Binge Drinking Effects
Dangers of binge drinking. What is binge drinking? What are binge drinking effects and how to stop binge drinking

What Is Binge Drinking?
What is binge drinking? A binge drink definition can be hard to come by, as not everybody is of the same opinion.

Binge Drinking Effects
Binge drinking effects. Binge drinking has many consequences;physical, psychological and social

Teenage Binge Drinking
Teenage binge drinking impacts all aspects of an adolescent's life and, in some cases, can be a precursor to alcohol dependence developing in adult li

College Binge Drinking
College binge drinking. Is binge drinking in college inevitable or preventable?

Reasons for Binge Drinking
Reasons for binge drinking. People choose to get drunk, their reasons for doing so may be a cause for concern. Read more....

Alcoholism Binge Drinking
Alcoholism binge drinking. Although both are classed as alcohol abuse, binge drinking is not the same as alcoholism

Alcohol Poisoning Symptoms. Effects of Alcohol Poisoning
Alcohol poisoning symptoms, effects of alcohol poisoning, alcohol poisoning statistics

Treatment for Alcohol Poisoning.
Treatment for alcohol poisoning.Identify acute alcohol poisoning and treatment for signs of alcohol poisoning

Alcoholism and Hair Loss.
Alcoholism and hair loss. One of the lesser known alcoholism side effects

Binge Drinking Statistics
Binge drinking statistics reveal the scope of the problem

Alcoholism In Teens - Teenage Alcoholism Treatment
Alcoholism in teens requires a different approach than that used with adults. Teenage alcoholism treatment has to focus on the needs of the adolescent

Relapse Prevention Plan - Get A Relapse Prevention Outline
A relapse prevention plan is essentially a relapse prevention outline tailored to the individual.

Alcohol Relapse - Spotting Relapse Triggers
Alcohol relapse can hit you before you know it. Avoiding relapse is possible if you know the most common reasons for relapse

Dry Drunk Syndrome Explained
Dry Drunk syndrome is a term used to describe someone who no no longer drinks but still acts like a drunk. Confused? Read on to discover more.....

Teen Alcohol Treatment - Avoiding AA
Teen alcohol treatment needs to take place without reference to Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcohol Abuse In Teens - Preventing Adolescent Alcohol Abuse
Alcohol abuse in teens is seen as inevitable by many....or is it? There are steps you can take that can reduce the chances of adolescent alcohol abuse

Teenage Alcohol Abuse - Effects Of Teen Alcohol Abuse
Teenage alcohol abuse takes its toll on an adolescent's future. Read about the effects of teen alcohol abuse....

Teens And Drunk Driving - Prevention
Teens and drunk driving - Preventing teenage drinking and driving begins with education.

Alcohol Abuse In College
Alcohol abuse in college: What can you do about college alcohol abuse?

Why Do People Drink Alcohol?
Why do people drink alcohol? Discover the many motivations people have for consuming alcohol

Definition of Alcoholism - Definition Alcoholism
Definition of Alcoholism. Alcohol abuse or alcoholism? Discover the alcoholic definition.

The History of Alcoholism.
The History of Alcoholism. Brief yet Strangely Satisfying. Get your Alcoholism History Here.

Types of Alcoholism - Different Types Of Alcoholic
The types of alcoholism effect everybody- from teenagers to elderly alcoholics, nobody is immune.

Functional Alcoholic - Functioning Alcoholic
A functional alcoholic goes about life as if all is well. However, it is only a matter of time before alcoholism progression bursts your bubble

History of Alcohol - The Social History Of Alcohol
A history of alcohol from its origins to the present day, read an alcohol history

The Causes of Alcoholism - Discover What Causes Alcoholism
The Causes Of Alcoholism? Broken marriages? Job loss? Depression? Get the facts about the causes of alcohol addiction.

Units Of Alcohol - Understanding Alcohol Units
Units of alcohol. What are they? How much is an alcohol unit? How many can I drink in a day, a week? What about other factors that may affect how many

Alcoholic Gastritis. Alcohol - One Of The Main Causes Of Gastritis.
Alcoholic Gastritis. Discover the symptoms of gastritis and get the latest on gastritis treatments.

Alcohol And Antidepressants
Alcohol and antidepressants. Can you mix antidepressants and alcohol? What happens if you do?

Affects Of Alcohol - How Alcohol Affects Your Body
Affects of alcohol. Understanding how alcohol affects the body gives us an insight into the development of alcoholism

Alcoholic Symptoms
Alcoholic symptoms. Learn to spot the signs in yourself and others

Dating an Alcoholic? Alcoholic Boyfriend or Girlfriend? Get Help Here.
Dating an alcoholic or a recovering alcoholic? get advice and information here

Consequences of Drunk Driving - Tragic Drunk Driving Story
The consequences of drunk driving can live with you forever. Drunk driving consequences illustrated by one man's drunk driving story and its impact on

Cures For Alcoholism. Wishful Thinking Or Present Reality?
Cures for alcoholism. Is it possible to cure alcoholism or must we live with it?

AA Sponsor - What Do They Do Exactly?
An AA Sponsor is an integral part of the recovery process in Alcoholics Anonymous. What exactly is their role and how do you go about getting one?

AA Serenity Prayer - Uncovering The Original Serenity Prayer
The AA serenity prayer brings solace and comfort to many a recovering alcoholic. Yet how many know who wrote the serenity prayer and ALL the words to

Alcohol and Cholesterol
Investigations into the association between alcohol and cholesterol levels have revealed surprising, if ambiguous results.

Alcoholism Physical Symptoms - Identifying Physical symptoms Of Alcoholism
Alcoholism physical symptoms can be difficult to spot. Learn what is and what isn't a physical alcoholism symptom

Who is an Alcoholic? Complete An Alcoholism Questionnaire.
Who is an alcoholic? There's no such thing as a 'typical alcoholic'. Alcoholism does not discriminate

Cage Questionnaire - Alcoholism Screening Test
The CAGE questionnaire. The CAGE test the alcoholism screening test of choice for hospitals and those working in the addiction field

Michigan Alcohol Screening Test - Geriatric Version
Michigan Alcohol Screening Test - Geriatric Version.The definitive diagnostic questionnaire for identifying alcohol abuse in elderly individuals.

Short Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test - Alcoholic Test
Short Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test (SMAST) can be used when time is at a premium. Although made up of few questions, it is surprisingly accura

Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test - MAST Alcohol Test
Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test . Assess whether you have a drinking problem...

Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test.
Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test. The most reliable alcoholism test there is.

Energy Drinks and Alcohol
When combined, ingredients found in energy drinks and alcohol creates a volatile and unhealthy mixture that adversely affects the central nervous system

Zoloft and Alcohol

Coumadin and Alcohol
Because Coumadin is a powerful blood anticoagulant, mixing Coumadin and alcohol may produce a serious condition enhancing the availability of Coumadin

Alcohol Quotes
Alcohol quotes to make you laugh, cry or sit up and take notice.

Calvin's Story
I am an alcoholic who hasn't consumed any alcohol for more than 13 years. I don't have physical cravings for alcohol any longer but do carry some fond

My husband's ability to stop his addiction has been a blessing
Five years ago...I was home with my three year old little boy, and my two week old daughter, waiting for my husband to return from work. It was about

We were pals in our 20s. We married other people. We lost contact about 15 years ago - life happens. We reconnected in January this year. It was like

My mom thinks she's not that bad...
For many years my mom was a very functional alcoholic. She always had a couple beers on the go. For my parents 25th anniversary someone even made he

Couldn't Face The Neighbours For Days
Unknown to us, my ex-husband's cousin who came to visit was an alcoholic (a well-kept secret by his family). He was a breath of fresh air to have arou

My story
Well I started drinking when I was about 14. The first time I started I did not like it, I got sick and threw up. But gradually I started to do it on

My dads that guy!
Where do I start? Both my parents are alcoholics, both remarried to alcoholics and I have two brothers who are also alcoholics, one older one younger

It Could Have Been Worse
I remember growing up and having to go to a babysitter's house after school. I was there usually for 3 or 4 hours every day during the work week. I r

Why is my husband in denial?
What if your husband is completely aware that he has a problem with alcohol, and uses this as an excuse for drinking? He says, I know I have vices,

Understanding Alcoholic Behavior
How can a person who is drinking 24/7 say to a sweet and helpful dating partner that she has no common sense and ask what the f*** is wrong with you

AA Sponsor and Criminal Activities
What happens when you are disclosing to your sponsor some illegal activity do they have a duty to report it? This is a difficult one. It mainly rests

Drinking All Day Long - What's Going On?
A male, 69 years old wakes up and drinks a beer, then a glass of wine - he rarely has breakfast or lunch. He will sleep, then have another beer and w

What Is The Recommended Amount Of Alcohol For An Adult Each Day?
What is the recommended amount of alcohol each day? Recommended or safe levels of drinking are usually stipulated by governments in conjunction with

He says he is not an alcoholic
I am married to a man that works every day, but, every week, on either Friday or Saturday, he gets smashed on alcohol. He is then belligerent, condesc

Is my friend an alcoholic?
I have just spent a disastrous day out with a friend of mine. We all had some Cava on the way there in the limo and I was 'in charge' of topping up e 

Can I mention the drinking?
Question Shall I tell my alcoholic friend that I cannot see him whilst he's drinking? Is it OK for me to mention the drinking? So far I refer to him b

My husband is an alcoholic and has been one for 8 years. He admits he has a problem and would like to quit before he ends up losing me. His concern

I need help to get away from him, I don't want to be here anymore, he lies, manipulates, blames me for everything. I'm a team-leader and I work hard,

I Can't Take Anymore.
I have been with my partner on and off for 3 years, in this time he has, I think, had a drink problem but has got slowly worse and worse. He can't keep

What am I supposed to do now?
My husband is an alcoholic. I believe that whole-heartedly. He has shown all the signs; he uses alcohol as a crutch when he is stressed, once he start

Confronting An Alcoholic Friend
My friend is an alcoholic and I believe a functioning alcoholic. I have known him for about 10 years. How do I go about telling him that he is an al

What is your take on "non-alcoholic" beer?
My husband just got out of alcohol rehab (30 day in-house treatment) and has been trying to find things that he can enjoy at social settings. He trie

Am I an Alcoholic Just Because I Prefer To Drink Alone?
Apparently, drinking alone is one of the signs of alcoholism, but I don't feel the urge to drink, I haven't had any in 3 weeks. I just prefer to drink

What If You Have Little Or No Money?
I know that I am a functional alcoholic, but I do not have nor have I had a full time job in almost five years. Hence I have no medical insurance or

Self-Medicating For Depression.
I have suffered from depression for as long as I can remember. Very high functioning, but always underlying depression. I started relying on alcohol i

What do I do now?
This person is in control of his life. He only drinks beer when he comes home from work. He is very thin and tall and his metabolism seems to make i

Can a child be born with Wet Brain Syndrome?
Can a child be born with Wet Brain? If so, is it caused by the father or the mother, or both, if both abuse alcohol?

Help and Assistance For Alcoholic Partner
Question: What assistance can a partner/wife get to help an alcoholic? Answer: It all depends on whether the alcoholic wants help. If they don't then

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