Suffering from Acute Wet Brain Syndrome

by Lisa
(Austin Texas)

I believe I am suffering from Acute Wet Brain Syndrome. I am 44 years old, very happily married mom of two cats and a dog. About two years ago, I began suffering from an on and off stutter. The last time it was bad was about 4 weeks ago. I literally could not talk for four days. When I have the speech problem, I also suffer from twitching in the face, and uncontrolled muscle movements.

I am going to the doctor tomorrow to talk about thiamine, B12 injections and possibly Baclofen. Naltrexone worked a few days for me, then, the drinking just took over. I have been struggling with alcoholism since I was 17 years old.

I truly appreciate this website!!!! Thanks so much!! :)

Warm Regards,

Lisa Desbois

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