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Every parents nightmare... you suspect your child is using alcohol and/or drugs. What can you do? Many would say it's just youthful experimentation and that it will run its course and then all will be well.

This may well be the case but it might not. Are you prepared to risk your child's future, maybe even their lives with a non-interventionist style of parenting? You will never regret having interfered in your child's life where alcohol and drugs are concerned and you may even be saving their life.

There is nothing that makes a parent feel more powerless than watch their son or daughter descend into the hell that is alcohol and/or drug addiction. But it doesn't need to happen.

Although teenagers are not the best when it comes to asking for help, there is no doubt that when substance abuse rears its ugly head they most definitely need it.

So it is up to you to to be able spot the signs of substance abuse in teenagers and know how to get them to stop, if you can do this then half the battle is won.

Our FREE E-book gives you the tools you may need with your teenager. Having downloaded this book you will.....

  • Discover the five things that you can do to help your teen stay away from alcohol and drugs
  • Learn to spot the signs and symptoms of experimentation with drugs and alcohol, signs that could easily be missed.
  • Learn what it is your surly teenager is really trying to tell you when they refuse to communicate verbally
  • Tells you what you can do when you discover that your child is abusing alcohol and/or drugs
  • Gives you the latest news about drug testing, how you can use them and how teens try and beat them.
  • Learn more about marijuana and discover that it is not the innocuous drug of popular imagination
teen alcohol and drug abuse Although children like to think that they are all grown up and able to look after themselves, they are only really still kids trying to find their way in the world. Although, many would deny it, they need all the help they can get.

If you can do just one thing for your teenager then this is it, download The Parents Guide to Teen Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Prevention and learn what you can do to prevent addiction developing in your teenager. They'll thank you for it later.

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