Ten Warning Signs of Alcoholism

Symptoms of Alcoholism

The Ten Warning Signs of Alcoholism
Learn to recognize the leading symptoms of alcoholism

Just because you drink too much doesn't mean you are alcohol dependent.

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Yes, you may drink more than the recommended amount and do not stay within moderate drinking guidelines. Yes, are drinking at an unsafe level and possibly damaging your health.

Perhaps you are concerned about you drinking habits (if not, why are you here?), or you are concerned about the drinking of someone close to you.

You have every right to be worried.

It is estimated that 15%-20% of people who drink more than the recommended amount of alcohol each day are alcoholic.

Alcoholism kills....many tens of thousands every year in the U.S. alone.

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Alcohol abuse statistics tell the story of the havoc alcohol wreaks throughout the world.

So what are the ten warning signs of alcoholism?

How do you know if your drinking or that of a loved one is alcoholic?

Take a look below and take action today. Use the resources on this site to help educate yourself about this condition and learn what to do about it.

Ten Warning Signs of Alcoholism

Individuals in the first and second stages of alcoholism usually.....

  1. ...make excuses to drink - good news, bad news, indifferent news- anything is a reason to drink.
  2. ...hide drink around the house. Anywhere that can be used to conceal alcohol is used. The reason being that the drink addict wants to be able to access drink whenever and wherever he/she wants.
  3. ...only attend events where it is possible to drink. Parties, bars, friends' homes etc. are O.K. Such things as the cinema, a hike in the mountain are avoided.
  4. ...go to bed late, after their partner This can be one of the symptoms of alcoholism. This is an opportunity to drink in peace and without anyone counting how many drinks they are having.
  5. ...gradually start to drink earlier and earlier during the day (in order to prevent alcohol withdrawal symptoms).
  6. ...will become very defensive when questioned about their drinking habits. Often they will become verbally aggressive and sometimes physically aggressive.
  7. ...drink BEFORE they go out to drink. This is so they get a head start and it doesn't look as if they are drinking too much in front of other people.
  8. ...neglect things in favor of drink. Personal hygiene might suffer or they might start not eating properly. Hobbies, friends etc. may well start to become less important to them as the drink takes hold.
  9. ...start to go on benders. Disappearing for hours, days even on a drinking binge. Searching for an everlasting high and not wanting to come down. Because they know what the repercussions will be. Feelings of remorse, guilt, self-loathing and all the other negative feelings that reside in the soul of a drink addict.
  10. ...suffer from hangovers, stomach problems, alcoholic tremors in the hands when they haven't had a drink for a while etc.

The above are just the top ten warning signs of alcoholism, other signs and symptoms can include alcoholic blackouts, daily drinking, drinking alone, financial problems due to drinking, family problems due to drinking, alcohol withdrawal symptoms, health issues caused by alcohol, constant unsuccessful attempts to quit drinking and cravings/obsession for drink.

In end-stage alcoholism or the third stage of alcoholism the individual is so consumed by drink you can't really speak of warning signs.

This is because you don't need to look for the ten warning signs of alcoholism. You don't need to look for anything. It is right there in front of you-the smell, the bloodshot or glassy eyes, the broken veins under the skin, the unkempt appearance. All there - plain as day.

In this stage the alcoholism is so far advanced that everybody who comes into contact with the person immediately knows that he/she is totally and utterly addicted to drink.

These warning signs are a useful way to determine if you or someone you care about is drinking in an addictive manner.

If you want to explore your drinking further then you could take an alcoholism test as used by hospitals and physicians throughout the U.S. and U.K.

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Do you want help combating your drinking problem? Are you worried that if you continue the way you are you might become dependent on alcohol? "Stop Drinking Alcohol" gives you the tools to either return to normal drinking (staying within moderate drinking guidelines) or stop altogether WITHOUT the need for the 12 steps. I highly recommend it as a viable alternative for binge drinkers wishing to moderate their drinking or cut out alcohol completely.

Free Expert Advice Available Now

  • Speak with an addiction specialist 24/7
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Free Expert Advice Available Now

  • Speak with an addiction specialist 24/7
  • Confidentially guaranteed
  • Discuss your treatment options


If you or someone close to you wants help and advice on quitting drinking then take a look at the following pages:

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