The Surprising Truth about Alcoholism Cure

The Surprising Truth about Alcoholism Cure

Put aside what you have been taught, there are cures for alcoholism

There are many working in the addiction field who deride the idea that there is an alcoholism cure. They believe it to be far too complex a condition.

They say it cannot be cured, that it can only be managed. In much the same way that diabetes has to be treated with insulin, so alcoholism has to be treated by withdrawing alcohol.

And that is why abstention from alcohol is the current accepted ‘treatment’ for alcohol dependence.

And so, the thinking goes, in order to remain free from alcohol you have to attend Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings.

How, then, do the proponents of this view explain the many people who, using various cures and methods, have managed to go back to moderate drinking.

What about those who have succeeded in quitting drinking altogether using some of the alternatives to AA, like Smart Recovery.

Don’t get me wrong AA has much to recommend it, but it is not the only show in town and its record is pretty poor, at least statistically.

There are cures for alcoholism out there and they do work, at least for some people, but, and this is a big but, they do not work for everybody. Some of them are scams, designed purely to take your hard-earned cash.

It is essential that you approach any so-called alcoholism cure with a healthy dose of skepticism. Get recommendations, read testimonials carefully, and go to alcoholism forums to ask others if they have had experience with a particular method. You can never be too careful.

Alcoholics anonymous has a poor success rate, at least according to statistics. 5% of people who attend AA meetings remain abstinent after three years. There are many alternatives to AA that claim to have much higher success rates.


Listed below you will find a list of genuine alcoholism cures that have been shown to work for a lot of people. Click on the headline to go to that method’s particular page.

If you have further questions about any particular ‘cure’, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Alcoholism Cures. The Ongoing Debate

One of the most contentious topics in addiction studies is over the viability of discovering a cure for alcoholism.

Read cures for alcoholism to discover the four different viewpoints.

Sinclair Method
alcoholism cureCould the Sinclair Method be the ‘magic pill’ for alcoholism?

Used extensively in Finland it has a claimed 90% success rate. AA has a success rate of just 5%.

However, the Sinclair Method that allows you to continue consuming alcohol at the start of treatment, is virtually unheard of in the U.S.

Could this be the work of vested interests in the treatment industry?

Read more about the Sinclair Method and its suppression.

Baclofen: New Alcoholism Treatment
Baclofen has been around for a long time, but not as an alcoholism cure rather to treat painful muscle spasms and alcohol withdrawals.

Yet is this all about to change? A French doctor has used it to ‘cure’ his alcoholism. So much so that he is able to drink, if he wants, without any ill effects or loss of control.

Read New Alcoholism Treatment for more on this potentially life-changing discovery.

Nalmefene – The New Drug For Alcoholism
Nalmefene, an opioid receptor antagonist, could help people lessen heavy drinking. It could be the next big thing in alcohol dependence treatment.

Although, much like naltrexone, nalmefene is currently licensed to be prescribed to reduce cravings in alcoholics who have already stopped drinking, a Danish pharmaceutical company is currently developing a form of the drug to be taken while an individual is still drinking.

To learn more about this drug and when it will be available, read Nalmefene – New Drug For Alcoholism.

Finding Treatment

If you are ready to quit alcohol abuse, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Contact a dedicated treatment provider today to start on your journey to recovery.

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