The ultimate vow “For better or worse” How far do we take that?

by Sherry

We have been married going on 22yrs, no kids. Have a house & small cottage up north, classic car, etc.. It all starting going downhill after he had foot surgery 11 yrs ago & narcotics became his best friend, along w/mass quantities of beer everyday. He retired 4yrs ago, at my urging, as I really thought he would lose his job, and they were offering 30& out & he qualified.

His Doctor prescribes him anything he wants, vicodin, oxycontin, fentyl, percocet, valium, in huge quantities, like 150 pills w/5 refills. Then he drinks up to 30 beers a day. Yes, I have spoken w/the doctor On several occasions. I gave up after my Husband finally OD’d & was on life support for 37 days – he nearly died several times, he had to have a tracheotomy, he had to go to a long term care facility, where he made a full recovery. He swore that was his wake up call. So everyone thought.

Now the first thing he does upon getting up is drink beer ALL DAY LONG, SMOKING AND POPPING AS MANY AS 50 VARIOUS NARCOTICS A DAY. He usually drinks himself to the passing out point. He falls down on a daily basis, he has broken furniture, the stove, scares the dog to the point she hides from him, not to mention broken bones, ribs, etc. He falls down stair cases, he even broke the toilet. Many trips to the ER.

Now he says “alcoholism/addiction is a disease” so it’s in our vows!

He has financially ruined us. I became disabled last year due to neck injuries, after working 37yrs. He was supposed to start helping me. I should have known better.

Financially I am obligated to 2 mortgages & more than 60,000$ of debt. I cannot just leave at this point, as my family thinks I should, as they don’t understand the money part; we can’t even sell a house in this economy, let alone 2. I feel trapped, like I am in jail. The option of staying with someone is tricky as money would still be an issue, & I have my little lassie dog… I feel hopeless most days.

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