Three Years Sober and Finally Happy.

by Katie
(Manchester, UK)

My drinking crept up on me and before I knew it, I was in hospital after an overdose. That was three years ago.
Until that moment, I was in denial that I had a real problem. I had always enjoyed a drink most evenings, but after the death of my Mother and the stress of working and looking after two young children, my drinking escalated.
I started to hide my drinking from my husband. I would conceal vodka in water bottles and place them around the house. I would make feeble excuses to go out and buy more. My drinking caused arguments and put an enormous strain upon my relationship; but I still did not stop.
I began to drink in the mornings in an attempt to stop the emptiness I felt inside. I drank at work and I drank when I was with my children.
On one occasion, I was so drunk that I fell and hurt myself. My young children did not know what was going on and my husband returned home to find them frightened and confused. He threatened me with divorce, but I still reached for that vodka bottle.
I was drinking a bottle of vodka a day towards the end and my days were filled with fear.

After my suicide attempt,I vowed to stop drinking and I did. At first, it was not easy, but I have a new lease of life and we are a happy family again. I take it one day at a time, my children deserve a sober, happy Mummy.

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