Using Hypnosis to Quit Drinking: Does It Work?

Using Hypnosis to Quit Drinking: Does It Work?

Is using hypnosis to quit drinking really effective? Hypnosis is a kind of therapeutic technique that clinicians recommend to people who have gone through a procedure to relax them and divert their minds.

Although hypnosis has been controversial, a lot of clinicians now agree that it could be a powerful and effective therapeutic method for a vast array of conditions, including anxiety, pain, and mood disorders. Hypnosis could likewise help people change their negative habits.

Clinical hypnosis, on the other hand, is an altered phase of awareness, consciousness, or perception that is used, by doctors or clinicians, for treating a physical or psychological problem. During this procedure, the patient is in a highly relaxed state.

Using hypnosis to stop drinking alcohol is becoming an increasingly popular and effective means of stopping drinking. And it needs to be, as alcohol is one of the the leading causes of diseases and injuries worldwide. It is a problem that many people just like you struggle to overcome.

Binge drinking and even social drinking can, in a thankfully small number of cases, lead to alcohol abuse and ultimately alcohol dependence. It can damage your relationships whether with your family and friends, have a negative impact on your career and finances and can lead to legal troubles such as a DWI arrest.

According to the World Health Organization, over 3 million people died worldwide from harmful use of alcohol in 2016. This breaks down to 1 in every 20 deaths worldwide are alcohol related. As time goes on, this number continues to grow.

Although derided by many and seen as a ‘quack’ procedure by others, hypnosis does have a place in the treatment of alcohol dependence.

Hypnosis used in therapy is not the same version of Hypnosis that we see in stage shows. When done with a professional, Hypnosis can be a helpful tool to stop drinking



Hypnosis to Stop Drinking

Once you become aware that you have a problem with alcohol, the next step is to learn more about it as well as search for assistance. Acknowledging a problem with alcohol and using hypnosis to stop drinking is possible and a good fit for some individuals.

Hypnosis is considered an alternative form of treatment for addiction.Believing that hypnosis can be helpful and then committing yourself to the techniques are beneficial. As per Grünbaum’s definition of placebo, a therapeutic method could be considered a nonplacebo if it can be shown that its results are produced following the theory where the therapy is founded on.

However, like any other self-help program you have to be ready and willing to change.Practioners are not unable to make hypnosis effective for someone who is not ready to make changes regarding their drinking behaviors.

In order for hypnosis to work, your subconscious needs to be agreeable to the techniques as well to become successful.

Hypnosis is a safe means of self-help.It does not require any medications which some find to be a positive aspect of this treatment option. It will work if you believe that it will work. You cannot force anything on your self-conscious that it will not believe or accept. Hypnosis techniques are believed to boost the motivation you have to stop drinking.

One thing to note is that Hypnosis to stop drinking should be viewed as a tool in a persons’ recovery tool box to help them in their journey. It is most effective when used in combination with other forms of treatment or support. For some, that may mean engaging in outpatient treatment, for others it may mean joining the Alcoholic Anonymous fellowship and going through the 12 Steps. There is no “cookie cutter” form of recovery for addiction treatment, so it is important to be honest with yourself regarding what is and is not helping you in your recovery journey.

There are other resources for those wishing to quit drinking; these can be used in conjunction with hypnosis or as stand-alone treatments:

The Thinking Behind Hypnosis

There are two different parts of the mind. Hypnosis explores the unconscious mind. This area of the brain sorts and stores your inner thoughts, creative ideas and dream-time. Exploring this area of the mind allows you to learn more about your inner self. You can find out why you may have issues with alcohol abuse as well as why you are having problems when you want to stop drinking.

Hypnosis can help you stop drinking by replacing bad habits with good habits in addition to modifying your perspectives and emotion. It can help you learn to choose healthier options.

Reconditioning the way you think and then reinforcing positive thoughts is one way that you can use hypnosis to stop drinking. You will begin to focus on your goals as well as the means of achieving success.

After several sessions of hypnosis to stop drinking, your perspective of alcohol will change. You will stop considering it as the best option for relaxation or coping with uncomfortable feelings. You will begin to consider alternatives that are more positive as well as other creative means of dealing with your personal problems.

How To Find A Good Hypnotist

Keep in mind, however, that like any other service you might be interested in using, you need to do some research on various hypnotists in order to find just the right one for you and your problem.

You can ask around to find out what others may think about this hypnotist or another.

Personal recommendations are always a good idea.

Find out more about the professional organizations/bodies and regulations for hypnotists for your own protection before using any services.

When you find a practitioner that seems to fit your requirements find out more about him or her:

  • Does he or she have the proper training and qualifications?
  • Research their background and experience levels.
  • Is he or she successful with using hypnosis to stop drinking?
  • Do not be shy about asking for credentials or success rate.
  • Talk to some of his or her other clients to find out more.
  • Is hypnosis to stop drinking a technique he or she uses successfully on others with the same problem?

Keep in mind that the more extensive his or her education and client list, generally the higher the level of the hypnotist’s experience. He or she should provide you with client testimonials.

Competent, capable and confident hypnotists will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the techniques. Enjoying the time, you spend with your hypnotist while building a comfortable rapport is essential when you first meet. You will need to build trust and respect before going through this type of hypnosis therapy.

Giving up an addiction can be challenging. However, when you are using the right tools FOR YOU, you can do anything as long as you make up your mind to do it. Hypnosis to stop drinking, a positive perspective, and other programs/therapies (as outlined on this site) will help you create a new life while helping you feel happier and healthier.

Aside from hypnosis, there are also other treatment programs available to help alcoholics win against alcohol abuse. Contact a treatment provider today to know more.

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