What If You Have Little Or No Money?

I know that I am a functional alcoholic, but I do not have nor have I had a full time job in almost five years. Hence I have no medical insurance or money to pay for any detox program. Are there any detox options for those with no money?


Residential alcohol treatment centers can be VERY expensive and if you don’t have insurance or private means, impossible to access. However, some centers offer potential ‘clients’ the opportunity to pay in installments or pay less due to their circumstances. Some centers also have outpatient treatment which is substantially cheaper than the residential option. Only you can find out if a specific treatment center will take your special circumstances into consideration.

Most states will also fund alcohol dependency treatment and if you can manage to access these facilities you will not need to pay anything. But, and this is a big but, it can be very difficult to get into a state funded scheme as other government departments such as the justice and education departments are referring many people to them. Find out which agency in your state runs such facilities and contact them directly. be aware though, that due to the current economic downturn such services. will be among the first to be cut as the purse strings are tightened.

There are many support groups out there such as Alcoholics AnonymousSMART Recovery, LifeRing etc that will help you to become and remain alcohol free. Find out if there are meetings in your area (a Google search will quickly establish if there is one) and go along. Most of these groups are free to attend and many find them useful.

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