What is Alcoholism: Learn About Alcohol Abuse

What is Alcoholism: Learn About Alcohol Abuse

What Causes Alcoholism?
Definition of an Alcoholic

Discover the latest thinking and research on this much-debated topic.


What is Alcoholism? It is very hard to pin down a definitive definition of alcoholism.

For example, are the people in the picture on the left alcoholics?

An impossible question to answer by just looking at them.

We would need to know a lot more about them, their habits, personalities and even their genetic make-up to make even an educated guess.

Alcoholism is a complex disorder with many facets to it.

So what we have done here is gathered the latest research/thinking on alcohol dependency and distilled it (pardon the pun) for you.

Please click on any of the headlines below to find out more on that particular theme.

What Is Alcoholism?
Is there an alcoholism definition?

If only it was as simple as that.

Alcoholism is not easy to diagnose ( a fact demonstrated by the sheer amount of alcoholism tests used by addiction professionals today).

Yet there are certain characteristics common to most alcoholics.

Read about these characteristics at alcoholism definition. Also be sure to take a look at the definition of an alcoholic.

Not Just AA: Alcoholism Treatment Options

Despite the overwhelming presence of Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12 steps, there are many alternative alcoholism treatments out there.

Read Alcoholism Treatment Options to learn more about the different alcohol treatment programs available.

What Causes Alcoholism?
Alcoholism as disease?

The disease concept of alcoholism is as controversial a topic as you get in addiction studies.

Basically, there are two points of view on this issue.

One view is that alcoholism is a disease and should be treated as such.

The other view, not surprisingly, believes alcoholism is not a disease and should be treated as such.

Read alcoholism disease to learn more.

What Is Alcoholism?
Is it an alcohol allergy?

There are those who are allergic to alcohol in the ‘traditional’ sense. That is, when they drink they may exhibit certain symptoms such as swelling of the tongue, hives, a tingling sensation in the mouth and so on.

Others contend that alcoholism itself is an allergy to alcohol. The sufferer, when he/she takes drink, is unable to stop drinking due to intense craving.

For more on this go to my page alcohol allergy.

What Is Alcoholism?
How about alcoholism and genetics?

Are those born into alcoholic families prisoners of alcoholism genetics? Do alcoholism and genetics go hand in hand?

Or is their alcoholism ‘learned’ from their environment?

Read alcoholism and genetics to find out more. Or follow the link to read about the alcoholism gene.

What Is Alcoholism?
What are the causes of alcoholism?

Can we talk about the causes of alcoholism in general? Or is life too complicated to isolate specific causes for individuals’ drink dependence.

Is it even necessary to find out the causes of alcoholism? Surely people should be trying to defeat alcoholism NOW rather than concentrating on the past.

Read more at the causes of alcoholism page.

What Is Alcoholism?
Are there alcoholism stages?

From the outside an addiction to drink seems messy and unpredictable. In fact it is possible to see three distinct alcoholism stages.

When someone is in the midst of alcoholism it is difficult to know when the drinking got out of control.

But a quick review of the person’s drinking life will usually reveal three distinct phases to their addiction.

Read alcoholism stages to find out more.

End Stage Alcoholism
The final stage of alcoholism is not a pretty site to behold.

However, despite the failing health of the alcohol dependent at this stage, all is not lost and the prognosis is good if treatment is sought.

For more on the signs of the final stage of alcoholism, read end stage alcoholism.

What Is Alcoholism?
Alcohol abuse statistics
Alcohol abuse statistics reveal a disturbing picture of a nation drinking itself to death.

Sounds a bit strong? Well maybe it is but the figures make for depressing reading.

Read about alcohol abuse statistics.

What Is Alcoholism?
The history of alcohol
From its moment of discovery to the present day, alcohol has played a major role in many cultures and been of great benefit………

….and yet it has also caused intense misery for countless people.

Do the positives of alcohol really outweigh the negatives.

Make your own mind up when you read history of alcohol

The History Of Alcoholism
The history of alcoholism only really begins in the nineteenth century.

Were there no alcoholics before this time?

Of course there were but a scientific/systematic connection was never made between excessive drinking and its negative effects.

The concept of alcoholism did not exist.

Read the history of alcoholism for more.

What Causes Alcoholism?
Are there different types of alcoholism?
Much research and money is spent on identifying types of alcoholism.


Surely if you are drink dependent then you are drink dependent.

Yes, this is true but once you have this knowledge then, if you want to, you can do something about tackling alcoholism.

Read types of alcoholism to find out more about the drink dependent types.

Do Alcoholics Drink Different Types Of Alcohol?
-How much alcohol is there in the different types of alcohol?

-What are the different types of alcohol?

-Is there the same amount of alcohol in a beer as in a shot?

These might sound like the questions of drunk college students but it is important to know if you are trying to discover if you are drinking too much…

…or if you want to cut down your drinking.

…or if you want to know whether someone you care about is damaging their health by drinking excessively.

Find out more by reading types of alcohol.

Alcohol Quotes
Read about the views on alcohol and alcoholism of the great and not so great.

Who knows, maybe you will find something here to inspire you.

“If you’re unsure whether alcohol may be a problem, speak with one of our supportive counselors. With many having first-hand experience they understand the struggle. The free chat is confidential & they are available 24/7.”

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