What Makes A Sober Alcoholic Of 18 1/2 Years Go Back To Drink ?

by Frances
(New Jersey)

My husband stopped drinking for 18 1/2 yrs .. after having 3 stents put into his arteries. July 2010, he started going down hill .. depression, addicted to his percocets that were given to him like candy from his doctors for his injured knee and then, the drinking. For a year and a half he emotionally, & mentally drained myself and our 3 children and his family. Always stating ” he was a different person ” and that’s that !! I knew he was drinking and addicted to his percocets and yet, he still was in denial, telling me I was CRAZY .. Why would he allow himself to fall again AFTER 18 1/2 years of living sober .. WHY would he not know to pick up that drink or take that pill ????


Firstly, did your husband tell his doctor that he had had issues with alcohol in the past? It should have been a question the doctor asked before prescribing any opiate type medication. Any doctor worth his salt knows that alcoholics are addicts, it is just that their choice of substance was alcohol and not opiates, cannabis etc. It is easy to move an addiction from one substance to another, addicts can easily switch ‘allegiances’. Many people believe that becuase a drug is prescribed by a doctor then it can’t possibly be a problem – doctors are somehow infallible.

Secondly, it is difficult to say what got your husband back drinking, however, it is most likely the perocet did not help.

Both alcohol and opiates make you feel good, an addict likes to take a short cut to feeling good but feeling good this way ultimately results in physical and mental addiction

Also you say he was depressed, alcohol is used by many to self-medicate. Is your husband on any medication for his depression?

Another thing, it states on the insert for opiate medications that you should not mix alcohol and opiate type medications as both are depressants? His doctor should be made aware of the fact that he is mixing alcohol with his medication (if he is).

All the best.

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