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We, at The Alcoholism Guide, understand what you are going through. Our empathetic support assistants are former addicts who are trained to help you on your way to sobriety. Believe us when we say that they’ve been in your shoes. And like them, you can also recover.

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Treatment Options for Alcoholism

If you are concerned about your drinking, the first step is awareness. Even being able to identify that you have a problem is a significant step in the right direction.

First, it’s a good idea to meet with your primary care physician. If you’ve worked together in the past, they probably have strong insight into your medical and mental health needs. They can provide you with a complete examination to rule out any potential concerns.

Alcoholics Anonymous and Other Support Groups

Many people struggling with alcoholism benefit from participating in support groups. These groups offer camaraderie, validation, and practical skills for living without abusing alcohol.

Most meetings are confidential and free. They are widely accessible, making them an attractive option for most people. For example, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) offers numerous groups in approximately 180 countries.

Why are AA alternatives rarely heard of? Is it because they don't work?

In 1930, AA and the 12-Step method pioneered treating alcohol use disorder. Until that point, most doctors felt baffled by the condition. In fact, people struggling with alcoholism were often sent to inebriate asylums. Freud, the founder of psychology, tried treating alcoholic patients with cocaine!

Hopeful Words From Recoveries

Alcoholism Screening Test - CAGE Questionnaire - It is the most commonly used screening tool for signs of alcoholism

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