Alcoholism And Teenagers: Testing and Treatment

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Alcoholism In Teens Test

Using a self-diagnostic alcoholism test is the first step to getting help for alcohol dependency

Although there are a lot of alcoholism tests out there, not a lot are available are formulated for alcoholism and teenagers. This is probably because those who devise these test are of the opinion that teens, although they do abuse alcohol, are much less likely to have been exposed to the same level of alcohol consumption as adults. This means they are less likely to have become alcoholic drinkers.

This is a valid assumption to make, yet research illustrates that alcoholism in teens is on the rise and that there is a corresponding number of young people seeking treatment for alcohol dependency. Many teenagers are suffering the consequences of drinking too much alcohol, at too early an age.

Why A Self-Diagnostic Teen Alcoholism Test Is Important

Assessment or pretreatment screening is an essential first step to establish the need for treatment. Researchers and clinicians use different approaches to evaluate alcohol problems in young people. Among these approaches is the use of self-report questionnaires to identify possible alcohol problems. Self-diagnostic alcoholism tests are an important weapon in the fight against alcohol dependency because such tests are often the first indicator to a teen that their drinking has got out of control.

Many people, but the young in particular, are unwilling and/or fearful of talking to parents/teachers about their drinking habits because they feel they will be judged and chastised. An anonymous online self-diagnostic test is a good way for a teen to get the information they need to make choices about their drinking.

Recognizing this need, the NIAAA (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism) has devised a test that can give an accurate idea of the scope of a teenagers drinking problem.

This test is meant to be completed by the teenager in question, if you are a parent concerned about your child's drinking then take a look at our page on signs of adolescent alcohol abuse to get a better idea as to whether your teen has an issue with alcohol.

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The Self-Diagnostic
Alcoholism And Teenagers Test

Take a look at the following 20 questions, and answer yes or no to each one. Note down your answers and then discover the depth of your drinking problem (should you have one):

  1. Do you use alcohol to build self-confidence?
  2. Do you ever drink immediately after you have a problem at home or at school?
  3. Have you ever missed school due to alcohol?
  4. Does it bother you if someone says that you use too much alcohol?
  5. Have you started hanging out with a heavy drinking or drug using crowd?
  6. Is alcohol affecting your reputation?
  7. Do you feel guilty or bummed out after using alcohol?
  8. Do you feel more at ease on a date when drinking?
  9. Have you gotten into trouble at home for using alcohol?
  10. Do you borrow money or "do without" other things to buy alcohol?
  11. Do you feel a sense of power when you use alcohol?
  12. Have you lost friends since you started using alcohol?
  13. Do your friends use less alcohol than you do?
  14. Do you drink until your supply is all gone?
  15. Do you ever wake up and wonder what happened the night before?
  16. Have you ever been busted or hospitalized due to alcohol?
  17. Do you "turn off" in any studies or lectures about alcohol or illicit drug use?
  18. Do you think you have a problem with alcohol?
  19. Has there ever been someone in your family with a drinking problem?
  20. Could you have a problem with alcohol?

"If you're unsure whether alcohol may be a problem, speak with one of our supportive counselors. With many having first-hand experience they understand the struggle. The free chat is confidential & they are available 24/7."

Scoring The Alcoholism And Teenagers Test

Scoring is relatively simple for this test:

  • If you answered yes to less than three of the questions then you have nothing to worry about, however, drinking is illegal in most U.S. states before the age of 21, so if you are a teen and completing this test, you have already broken the law!
  • If you answered yes to three or four of the questions then you are at risk of developing alcoholism in the future.
  • If you answered yes to five or more of the questions then it is time to seek professional help.

Alcoholism And Teenagers Treatment

Testing young people for alcohol use disorder and alcohol us is very crucial and may prevent problems down the road. However, just as with diagnostic tests, there are many alcoholism treatment centers for adults but not a lot for adolescents. This is due to the same thinking outlined above.

If you want more help and advice on adolescent alcoholism treatment then read our page dedicated to this aspect of alcohol dependency treatment.

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