Was alcohol causing my hair loss???

by Steve J
(San Diego )

I stumbled across this sight by Googling “side effects of stopping drinking alcohol” and found it very informative. I started drinking at a young age and have been mostly a binge drinker for about 35 years; I’m currently 51.

Oddly, I’ve been very athletic and kept myself in great shape for most of my adult life–probably a blessing. But I’ve always known that at some point I’d need to quit most likely. Trying moderation hasn’t realistically worked for me–once the drinking-switch is flipped it’s hard to shut it off.

Starting on January 1st this year I decided to “dry out” and cleanse for the month. I may go longer, but at two weeks into sobriety I’m doing this with relative ease, though I am definitely experiencing some uncomfortable feelings that I’m sure are drinking cessation related. I must say that I am not craving alcohol at all.

Here’s where I’m truly puzzled; in my early twenties my hair started thinning and between that time and a couple of years ago I’ve had hair transplant surgery twice. The last procedure filled in my scalp very nicely, but here in the last few months I’d noticed my hair getting thinner and thinner, to my dismay.

However, the other day I happened to be lightly rubbing my scalp and to my surprise, I started feeling small, spikey hairs popping up all over my scalp! I recognize this feeling as the same as when my new transplanted grafts started growing. I was shocked!

It’s only been several weeks since I quite drinking. I understand now that alcohol can decrease vitamins and minerals, specifically zinc and folic acid, which could likely cause hair loss.

Now I’m curious to find out if others have experienced such a phenomenon?

Steve in San Diego

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